Ghamand & Guroor Shayari

Ghamand Shayari & Guroor Status in Hindi: is made for those girls and boys who believes they are really much better than other people. Everyone knows that pride is essential in our life, everyone has a pride in blood a few has a positive and some have a negative. Therefore right here I drop down Ghamand Shayari in Hindi find for WhatsApp and Facebook. Everyone possesses a unique level of pride towards life, love, emotions, feelings etc. For those who have ego so why not set a status to describe it based on your feeling and thought. Thus guys usually show your ego to those peoples who hate, not those peoples who love you such as friends, girlfriend, and boyfriend and family members. If you’re a few friends jealous from you therefore below Ghamand Shayari in Hindi we have the best stuff for you , these days it’s time for you to show all of them some ego so take a look at our Guroor Status in Hindi which we gave you below .

Gamand and Guroor Status and Shayari in Hindi

Ego is a type emotion or a view towards something or somebody. An ego may be reflected through words, in behavior, gestures or even through facial gestures it’s genuine as well as in fact owning an ego is a sign of thinking frame of mind. Merely those who understand people and things that surround them will surely have an ego, Check all amazing and awesome available Ghamand Shayari in Hindi for everyone age group depending on situations and feelings one changes his/her status in accordance with their mood. Are you searching for an easy way to show your sassy attitude? We’ve have the best Guroor Status and Ghamand Shayari in Hindi that you could share on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp – or wherever else you want.

Guroor and Gamand Shayari and Status in Hindi

Guroor Status in Hindi usually represent the character and also emotions of the individual who updated it. It is possible to think what exactly is happening in their life or even what type of person he/she is. Sharing messages regarding character and ego indicates people how you are as an individual and also what exactly are your likes and dislikes. If you are interested in those Ghamand Shayari and Guroor Status in Hindi then you definitely have been in the best place. Look at this awesome Guroor Status for WhatsApp. All of us have different ego or pride, for your different ego below are different Best and awesome attitude Guroor Status & Ghamand Shayari in Hindi. You may also make use of this status on attitude with your friend on social media.

Ghamand Shayari & Guroor Status in Hindi

Two Line Ghamand Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Khudko bhura kehne ki himmat nahi, islie vo kehte he zamana kharab he.

2 Line Gamand Shayari for Love in English Fonts

Jis ke paas kuch hota nahi hai…, Usko apne aap pe bahot ghamnd hota hai…!

Guroor Shayari in Hindi for FB

Aapne Kabhi Socha Hai Ki Hamara Apna Kya Hai ? Janam Doosrey Ne Diya Naam Doosrey Ne Diya Shiksha Doosrey Ne Di Kaam Karna Doosrey Ne Sikhaya Ant Mein Shamshan Bhi Doosrey He Le Jaayeinge Hamara Apna Iss Sansar Mein Kya Hai Jo Ham Itna Ghamand Karey Hain

Hindi kavita on Ghamand 

Apne Guno Pe Ghamand Ke Kaaran, Vayakti Doosro Ke Awguno Ko Dekhta Hai, Aur Doosro Ke Awguno Ko Dekh Kar.. Vayakti Ka Ghamand Aur Adhik Majboot Ho Jata Hai!

Itna gurur na kar shayari for Girlfriend

अपनी सुरत पर इतना मत इतरा #Pagli ये तो चार दिन की हस्ती है, तेरी सुरत भी तब तक मस्त है, जब तक Fair & Lovely सस्ती है…

Guroor Status for Facebook in English Fonts

Akad Wali Ladkiya Hum Se Dur Rahe, Kyuki Akad Hum Sehte Nai Or.Bhav..Hum Dete Nai

Ghamand Status for whatsapp in English Fonts

Namak Swad Anusar Aur Akad Aukaat Anusaar Hi Acchi Lagti Hai.

Mera Ego Do Din Ki Kahani Hai Par Meri AKAD Khandani Hai.

Guroor Status for Facebook in English Fonts

Teri Ego Toh 2 Din Ki Kahani Hai.. But Meri Akad Toh Khandaani Hai.

Akad Wali Ladkiya Hum Se Dur Rahe Kyuki Akad Hum Sehte Nai Or….Bhav….Hum Dete Nai.

Guroor 2 Line Status in Hindi Fonts for Haters

राज तो हमारा हर जगह पे है…। पसंद करने वालों के “दिल” में और नापसंद करने वालों के “दिमाग” में !!

Ghamandi Status for GF and Love

लोगो से कह दो हमारी तकदीर से जलना छोड़ दे, हम घर से दवा नही माँ की दुआ लेकर निकलते है !!

हम को #खरीदने की कोशिश मत करना, हम उन पुरखो के #वारिस है, जिन्हो ने ‪#‎मुजरे में ‬हवेलिया दान कर दी थी.‬

Kitne Majboor Hain Takdeer Ke Hathon, Na Use Pane Ki AUKAT Rakhte Hain Aur Na Use Khone Ka Hosla.

Aukat कि बात मत कर एदोस्त, तेर बंदुक से ज्यादा लोग हमारी आंखो से डरते है.

Baith Jata Hun Mitti Pe Aksar, Kyunki Mujhe Apne AUKAT Acchi Lagti Hai.

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राज तो हमारा हर जगह पे है…। पसंद करने वालों के “दिल” में और नापसंद करने वालों के “दिमाग” में !!

कभी कभी खाक़ (जम़ीन) पर बैठ जाता हूँ मैं, क्यूँकि प्यार है मुझे मेरी Aukat से.

Hosla Ho To Zindagi Pareshan Nahi Hoti, Akad Zinda Insan Ki Pahchan Nahi Hoti.

हथियार तो सिर्फ शौक के लिए रखा करते है, वरना किसी के मन में खौंफ पैदा करने के लिए तो बस हमारा नाम ही काफी है.