Free WhatsApp Status Video Download 2022

With the introduction of the Status feature on WhatsApp, the instant messaging app has turned into a social media app. WhatsApp users share their thoughts, photos, and videos regularly through Status.

The best part of WhatsApp Status is that they disappear automatically after 24 hours, and users can upload new content every day. However, there could be instances when you like someone’s WhatsApp Status, and you want to download it to save on your device for future reference.

You can save someone’s WhatsApp Status by taking a screenshot if it is a photo or text status. But, when you want to save someone’s WhatsApp Status video, you will need a WhatsApp status video download app. This is because you cannot download WhatsApp Status videos directly from WhatsApp. There are several WhatsApp video download apps available, but most of them are premium apps or their free version has several limitations. We will illustrate how to go for a free WhatsApp status download using the Snaptube app.

Free WhatsApp Status Video Download 2022


Best Free WhatsApp Status Download App

You will come across various WhatsApp Status downloader apps online. Some of them are totally scam apps to trap users and steal their data. There are some legitimate apps available through which you can download someone’s WhatsApp status but you have to purchase a premium plan. The free versions of those legitimate apps have several limitations like you can download a few seconds of video duration or download with watermarks.

If you are looking for a legitimate free WhatsApp status video downloader, Snaptube comes across as the best and the most reliable app. The app is completely free to use without any limitations. You can download anyone’s WhatsApp Status video instantly and save the downloaded video on your device storage permanently. Therefore, even after the video appears on WhatsApp after 24 hours, you will have it on your device and you can play it anytime you want.

Free WhatsApp Status Video Download 2022

How to Use Snaptube to download WhatsApp Status Videos?

Even if you are a novice smartphone user, you can download the WhatsApp Status video via Snaptube. Here are the simple steps on how to use Snaptube WhatsApp Status downloader free app.

Prerequisite –

You need to download the Snaptube app from its official website. Therefore, your smartphone should have the option of installing apps from unknown sources enabled. You need to go to Settings> Security> Install Apps from Unknown Sources and turn on the option.

Free WhatsApp Status Video Download 2022

Step 1: Download and Install Snaptube App

On your smartphone, open the web browser and visit the official website of Snaptube. Download the APK file of the Snaptube app on your phone. Tap on the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Snaptube app successfully.

Step 2: Get WhatsApp Status Video on Snaptube App

Once the installation is successful, launch the Snaptube app on your device. From the supported platforms available, you need to select WhatsApp Status Saver. All your friends’ status videos will be displayed here.

Alternatively, you can search “WhatsApp status video” from its search bar. This will display all the related results found online.

Free WhatsApp Status Video Download 2022

Step 3: Download WhatsApp Status Video

Now it is time to download the video on your device storage. Tap on the Download icon on your target video.

Once the downloading process gets completed, you can enjoy watching the video offline on the go.

Key Features Of the Snaptube App

Here are the important features and benefits of Snaptube that make it perfectly suitable.

No Limitation – Snaptube is a 100% free video downloader app, and it does not have any premium version. Therefore, the app does not impose any limitations on the users such as limiting the resolution of the video or attaching a watermark on the downloaded video. You can download the complete WhatsApp status video without any issue.

Safe Downloading – There are certain scam downloaded apps available that automatically download spyware and malware along with a video on the user’s device. Snaptube is a completely safe and secure downloader app, and it is free from any malicious activities in the background. Snaptube team has employed a trusted security agency that takes regular measures to ensure that the app does not get infected by malware.

Multiple File Formats – Snaptube offers you the flexibility to download WhatsApp status videos in different video resolutions as applicable. Starting from 144p and 720p to 1080p and even 4K videos can be downloaded as per requirement and availability. Apart from video file formats, the app supports downloading audio in different file formats as well.

Batch Downloading – There are times when you may need to download multiple WhatsApp Status videos at once. Downloading them individually will be a waste of time. That is where Snaptube is highly effective thanks to its batch downloading feature. You can download multiple videos simultaneously in the background while you perform your regular operation.

Apart from WhatsApp, Snaptube supports all the popular social media and video streaming platforms from where you can download videos on the go while watching the videos, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Dailymotion and more.

FAQs Regarding WhatsApp Status Download

Can you download WhatsApp Status directly from WhatsApp?

No, you cannot download someone’s WhatsApp Status directly from WhatsApp. You can take screenshots of someone’s WhatsApp Status texts and photos. But you need the WhatsApp Status Video Downloader app to download someone’s WhatsApp Status video.

Which is the best free app for WhatsApp Status video download 2021?

Snaptube is the best free WhatsApp Status video downloader app. The app is completely free and there is no limitation at all. You can download videos in different video resolutions and file formats as required.

How to share someone’s WhatsApp Status video?

There is no way to share someone’s WhatsApp Status video with anyone else on WhatsApp or any social media apps. The only way is to download the WhatsApp status video on your device storage and upload the video on the chat with whomever you want to share.


If you are active on WhatsApp, you will surely come across beautiful WhatsApp Status videos that you will love to download for future viewing. There are many premium WhatsApp Status downloader apps available but the Snaptube app is the best free WhatsApp Status video downloader app. You can download it and get a WhatsApp Status video for free in high video resolution.

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