Flirty SMS, Quotes and Messages

Maybe U are The Villain Of Someone’s Story, But You Are The Always Be My Hero.

My current status: Wanted by many, Taken by none, Looking at some, But waiting for one, And you are that one.

Why guys like girls? Girls always smell good, even if it’s just shampoo, The way they sleep on your shoulders, The ease with which they fit in to your arms, The way they say: “I Miss you” The way they fall in to your arms when they cry, The way their tears make, you want to change the world so that It doesn’t hurt Them coz once they come in to your life, whatever they are to the world, they become everything to you.

Dear You, You are not my number one, you are my only one.

You are the only person, I can be retarded with.

A boy was asked: “What would U like to see inside a beautiful girl…??” Awesome reply by the boy : “My BABY”.

You are like a candy bar, half sweet and half nuts.

When someone asks why I love you, I tell them I can’t tell you, Because something is added everyday.

Who needs to go shopping when I already have found, the one thing I needed the most? That thing in my life is you.

I dont need a heart to live when i have u with me, Cause you replace yourself in, the place of my heart, and i actually have lots of love in it, Just because u are my heart.

He picked up a flower walked over, to his girl and said : “I was just showing this flower, how beautiful you are.

If I ever write a story of my life, don’t be surprised, when your names appear, like a billion trillion times.

Me without you is like, Paratha without aalu.

Yes I am single, You’re gonna have to be, amazing to change that.

Cute flirt: Boy- Is your Dad a King of some place? Girl- No why? Boy- coz you are a princess.

I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with you?

Something Sweet:- Girl:- What’s the proof that you miss me? Boy:- See my cheeks, My mamma slapped me, Coz i was smilling while sleeping, Thinkng of U.

You Fell across My Sky like a Shooting Star, & Made my Dreams Come True.

Someone Turned me OFF, Please Turn me ON.

why should i flirt,¬†Wen i’m capable of loving.