Flirty SMS, Quotes and Messages

My foot never made me slips, But your eyes made me slip.

Wish my mouth could say, what my heart really feels.

i still remember our first eye contact.

Hapiness is like a buterfly you run after it, it Keeps flying away but if u stand stil, it cums n sits on ur shoulder, Wish u lot of buterflies,
SShh dont move.

Imagine Life WITOUT ME.

Did u see? How fast you are searching 4 me? Dnt worry l’m always there, To disturb you.

Every day i see my dream and my dream is you, but my dream never comes true.

You are Pretty, I’M Pretty, What Do U Say? We Go Home and Stare Each Other?

You make my Heart Melt, and My Stomach fill with Butterflies, You can make me smile and laugh, You are Incredible.

some joys are better expressed in a smile, as it holds more meaning than words, Did’nt got it?

i was asked if i enjoyed having you in my life,  I JUST SMILED.

If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure he’d keep it for himself.

There are 5 routes to my happiness:
1) to see u happy
2) to see ur cute face
3) to be with u all the time
4) to think about u
5) and the most important one is to see your sweet smile.

Every girl has that one guy no matter how sleepy she is, she’ll pick up the phone if he calls.

Too tired to hold on, too in luv to let go.

Pictures will be lost and memories will fade, but the mark you made on my heart will never go away.

It’s amazing how I look up into the stars, and you’re the first thing that comes into my mind.

i really like you and i know you like me too, we flirt all the time and we can talk to each other for hours, and always have something to talk about.

Some people come and go, You came into my life, stole my heart, and ran off.