ELLANSE DERMAL FILLERS: How Singaporeans regain their youth

Do you know what keeps us young? I doubt you have a correct answer, well, to save time I will introduce you to vital skin component, which is called collagen. Fear not, this isn't some Biology class to bore you to your core. It is to inform you that as we get older than age 29, a percent of this vibrant element falls out annually. The more the collagen we lose, the more our skin sags, wrinkle and create lines. Apart from those problems, our facial fats dislocate themselves and arrange in unfavourable places around the face to give it irregularity and loss of facial volume. Traditionally, aesthetic clinics in Singapore used crude hyaluronic fillers, which only fill lost volume by addressing wrinkles and lines. With the introduction of Ellanse in Singapore in late 2015, Cambridge Medical Group was one of the first aesthetic clinics that started to use it.


Typically the need for a procedure like Ellanse will be ageing, which affects all gender and age groups, specifically individuals in their 30s upwards. The decline in collagen isn't lethal to health but basically of aesthetic value. Lifestyle choices are as irrelevant as genetics as everyone is liable to lose valuable amounts of collagen as long as they live. Having youthfulness back has a positive psychological impact on well being. The following are all signs of ageing:

  • Change in facial contour
  • Deep skin lines and folds
  • Sunken forehand and temples
  • Sagginess of the cheeks and volume loss
  • Deep smile lines and jowl formation


A quest for radiant and youthful skin that requires no surgical procedures. It only acts on adding volumes to the surface by triggering natural means to give a rejuvenated look. It is non-invasive and possesses simple processes to claim top-notch results.  


The constituents of Ellanse are majorly 30% Polycaprolactone (PCL), which are spherical microspheres about 25-50um. These are suspended in aqueous gel-like Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), which takes up 70% of Ellanse. PCL is a widely known polymer in medicine (absorbed and metabolized by the skin completely). It is used in many America FDA approved devices for many decades. The lack of Hyaluronic acids separates Ellanse from traditional fillers but work in the same phenomenon, which is by filling up spaces that lack volumes with immediate effects. PCL microspheres bring about neocollagenesis, which results in the lasting production of collagen to increase capacities in affected areas just to replace fillers. This halts the effects of ageing for an extended period.

Process Review:

  • A timely filling and lifting effect
  • Bodily production of collagen to replace CMC gel.
  • Degradation and absorption of microspheres over 1-4 years by the skin


Depending on longevity and reabsorption rate Ellanse fillers are grouped into four different types;

  1. S: lasts for a year
  2. M: lasts for two years
  3. L: lasts for three years
  4. E: lasts for four years

Therefore the Ellanse dermal fillers last within the range of 1-4 years.



Facial compartments are mostly taken care of by this treatment, and they include;

  • Brow lifting
  • Cheek lifting and cheek filling
  • Augmentation of the temple
  • Hands volumizing
  • Reshaping of the nose and chin
  • Smoothening of the Marionette lines
  • Smoothening of the Nasolabial lines


In the aspect of long-lasting effects, Ellanse has proven to be better by possing a shelf life of 1-4 years, depending on the version used by the patient. Fillers are only last about 9-18 months which is comparatively low and less preferred to Ellanse.

Ellanse is based on the biostimulation of collagen growth, which in turn creates volume to deficient sites in affected areas. This is safer and natural and limits downsides, unlike HAB fillers that allow the storage of acids in the body system to create volumes and erase lines. 

Ellanse is not easily dissolved, unlike HAB fillers that quickly become dissolved when in contact with compounds that contain Hyaluronidase. Another advantage of Ellanse is its versatility; it can be used on delicate facial areas such as the lips, and glabella. HAB fillers are only used in specific areas of the face due to their fastidious nature.

Economically, Ellanse is better. Although the initial cost might be alarming in the long run, it is cost-effective. It requires lesser implementation.  Unlike its other counterpart, whose low initial cost might be admirable but on a longer-term sees a lot of sessions and might render one bankrupt. 

A drawback for Ellanse is that it cannot be applied in delicate areas such as the under eyes and eyelids. HAB fillers deliver optimum success in these places and are advisable to be used.


Yes, it is. This is due to its quick absorption by the body to create longevity in the period. Any side effect that might be recorded in this procedure can only be related to the injection. Symptoms such as soreness, swellings, and bruising are suggested and are very temporary with zero issues.

It is, therefore, essential to note that excess usage of Ellanse is terrible for the health. Overdoing of this non-dissolvable product can be lethal, and it is advisable to consult professionals for the application of this procedure. 


Because Ellanse has a longer shelf life than other traditional fillers, its introduction must be precise and accurate to the least possible error. This is to avoid any long-term or short-term repercussions. It cannot be reversed at an instance, unlike other fillers that need Hyaluronidase (antidote), a hylase for its reversion. From these objectives, It is necessary to say that doctors performing these treatments must be proficient in filler injections and deeply knowledgable in the study of facial structures. Highly experienced aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons are the only bodies capable of this procedure.


  1. What is the cost of Ellance treatment
  2. A syringe of Ellanse cost an average sum of $850
  3. Is Ellanse safe to use
  4. Even though it is made from biodegradable materials and works on a natural biological phenomenon, it is safe and unsafe when abused or consulting incapable doctors.
  5. How long will its effect last
  6. Depending on the version of Ellanse used, it lasts within a range of 1-4 years.


Looking for a natural youthful look, Ellanse is the best as it involves safe procedures with long-lasting effects. Its use in Singapore has been widespread within the feminine group. It has also shown superiority over other filler counterparts. It proves to be the accustomed strategy to revitalizing your look and aesthetic quality. 

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