Easy Guide to Report Black Hat SEO to Google

 What is Black Hat SEO?

“Black Hat” search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. “Black Hat” SEO is generally known as methods that are utilized to increase search positions in a wrong manner. black hat SEO identifies the using of very fast as well as bad SEO methods and techniques that target only on search engines but not a human viewer, and generally cannot follow search engines rules.

how to report black hat seo

In this Post, I am going to show you Easy Steps to Report on Black Hat SEO Website and something that is against Google guideline. If you are sure that your competitor is doing something wrong, then only you should report on Google Webmaster. But make sure first you recognize and detect Spam before submitting.

List of Black Hat SEO Techniques that are utilize Nowadays

  • keyword stuffing
  • cloaking
  • article spinning
  • doorway pages
  • duplicate content
  • hidden text
  • meta tag/description stuffing
  • unnatural links/link farming,
  • comment spamming
  • parasite hosting
  • Google bombing
  • other black hat techniques.

These types of techniques will get your website banned from the Google, so while doing SEO job, verify over your site to confirm none of these methods are being utilized on your site.

How to Report if Someone is Using Black Hat SEO Technique?

There are many purpose why you want to report black hat SEO. if your site has been affected through a malicious hack, malware or harmful SEO strategy of spammy backlinks, or you notice a spammy online search result on a demanding keyword phrase your site is ranking on. For the last, you should report a webspam complain of through Google Webmaster Tools. I highly recommend you to use this tool with decision. SPAM does not represent search rankings above mine!

easy way to report black hat seo, how to report black hat seo to google

Webspam” describes sections that attempt to technique Google into position them highly. Before you decide to file a webspam claim, check if the page might have another issue:

Listed Here Are Types that you can apply it to Report on Black Hat SEO or Other issues 

  • Paid links
  • Objectionable content
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Personal/private
  • Other Google products
  • Something else is wrong
  • Copyright and other legal issues

Choose the types of reporting according to what black hat tactic your competitor is using. if you can’t find what types of report you are looking for simply click on Report Webspam.

Black Hat tactics will definitely get your site banned from search engines. If you want to get indexed on google for permanent, then you should avoid Bad SEO Factor.

However, there might be some temporarily achievements via improved visitors to your website, that success might be temporary. With countless users browsing Google in a day. So it will definitely remove those black site from google. Sometimes it might take times. But once if they get famous they will get penalized. So in short word, black hat is just for temporary success.

To avoid getting punished or deleted, give the work to a trustworthy SEO Agency and confirm that only white-hat Search engine optimization techniques will be utilized. Keep in mind, as great as the promise of increased site ranking may appear, the punishment the Google can impose upon your website if you have started found out to be using the corrupt strategies.