Dressers to Complete Your Bedroom Design

A well-placed dresser can complete the bedroom by filling in space and giving the room a solid feel. With all the choices, narrowing down the options can be hard. However, finding the right dresser will be easy if you consider your lifestyle and clothing storage needs.

Dressers to Complete Your Bedroom Design

First, decide where you will place the dresser. Knowing this will determine how the size and shape of the piece. If you want to place it under a window, a tall dresser is out of the question. If you have limited floor space but plenty of vertical space to spare, then a tall dresser is your solution.

Larger rooms can hold more standard size dressers or bureaus. They come with plenty of surface space to hold decorative items and products you use daily. While they are typically waist-high and wide pieces, you can attach mirrors to bureaus if you prefer getting dressed in front of one.

If you’re replacing the dresser in a smaller guest room, consider a chest of drawers. They aren’t tall and typically have three drawers, which should be enough for your visitor’s storage needs. They also work well in a child’s room.

The details of a dresser can add character to the room, so you want to make sure they blend well with the design you already have. Knobs and handles can define the style of the piece. If the room has a cool color palette, dark knobs can make the dresser feel disconnected from the other furniture. The hardware should complement the other accessories in the space.

Another detail is the texture of the dresser. Wood is most commonly used, but other materials and finishes may blend well with the present look of the room. Lacquer and metallic finishes add a polished look to the room. Mirrored finishes bring a sparkle that can provide a wonderful contrast in a darker room.

Whether or not you want legs on the dresser is another factor you want to take into account. Legs on a dresser allow it to sit off of the floor and provide a space for storage baskets. You can also place the dresser over a floor vent, giving you options for its placement. No legs give the piece a grounded look, but there’s no room for extra storage, and you are limited with where it can go. Your lifestyle needs will dictate which works better for you.

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