DoNotPay gives you a way to reach Expedia’s customer service fast and easy

Many people find reaching customer support teams their number one cause of frustration. To get in touch with a person who can solve your issues, you have to deal with phone trees, go through several transfers, and, of course, wait on hold for what usually seems like an eternity. According to Time magazine’s research, an average American spends as many as 13 hours on hold each year. 

As useless calling customer support over the phone is, contacting them in written form is even worse. Chances are your carefully composed email will get ignored. Even if you do get a reply, you will probably wait for it for days, if not weeks. Social media platforms are no better. Unless you have a large following ready to back you up, your posts are likely to be forgotten. 

This is especially rough when contacting a major company such as Expedia. With so many angry customers complaining about canceled flights, hotel rooms that look nothing like in the pictures, and rent-a-cars that never showed up, it’s no wonder it takes ages to reach a live customer support rep. Expedia receives thousands and thousands of complaints so their customer support team rarely has enough time to process each one promptly and diligently. As a result, customers sometimes wait on hold for hours only to realize that their problems won’t be solved. 

All this changed with the introduction of a new feature to the DoNotPay app: Skip Waiting on Hold. The app can now connect you to Expedia’s customer service rep without actually waiting on hold and cursing that “all of our agents are currently busy” message. 

Once you open the app, you will see the customer support option. After clicking it, all you need to do is enter “Expedia” in the company field. The app will then start the process of getting in touch with a live representative of the company. It will go through the phone tree and wait on hold in your place. In the meantime, you can fill your time with whatever activity you prefer—you won’t have to hold the phone to your ear at all while waiting. Instead, you can play a game, watch TV, or plan your upcoming trip. Thanks to the timer which shows the estimated time for reaching the customer’s support department, you will know how much time you have left. 

When the app reaches a live customer rep, you will receive a notification. Once you pick up, the rep will be on the line, waiting for you. Both you and the representative will hear an automated message stating that the conversation is being recorded. This feature is incredibly important as it is a great incentive for customer support to do their job well. If they refuse to help you or give you some flimsy excuse, you can use the recording to shame them online. If your case ends up as a legal dispute, the recording can serve as proof of the customer support’s incompetence. 

Joshua Browder, DoNotPay’s CEO and founder, thinks that “these big companies are getting away with a lot”. Most of them face no repercussions for not providing their customers with great service. This is why he decided to make DoNotPay a sort of “robot lawyer” that can help customers out and protect their rights. You can download the app for free from Apple’s App Store or open it in any web browser of your choosing. 

Want to learn more about Expedia’s customer service and how DoNotPay can help you reach it? Check out this customer service guide now.  

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