Digital Marketing vs Web Development

A lot of people nowadays think to change or start a professional life in the digital world. When you are far from it you may think that there are only a few professions and their duties are very close but it is not true. That’s why we decided to show the most popular digital-related sphere professions. Their differences and similarities. The good news is that in this route you can choose anything you prefer. Programming, social media, communications and a lot of other skills can be improved thanks to professions corresponding with the web (from developing to advertising). If you are ready to jump into the fastest technological train that has become an inherent part of every business or any other organization let’s discover together what is digital marketing and web development.

Digital Marketing vs Web Development

Digital marketing and the spheres that it occupies

Email marketing. Segmentation and mailing. Content for every target audience. These are interesting and exciting tasks that might be useful not only for a digital marketer but for everyone interested in promoting by emails. Modern technologies give possibilities to use templates, use some features and become unique. It’s not about programming but creativity and research.

Search engine optimization. Search systems. Content and usability optimization. Knowing how search systems work and learning all the variety of user’s requests helps quality websites to take the leading position of the search engines. It is more specific knowledge that is almost invisible but necessary for building successful websites.

Contextual advertising. Google Ads. Budget for companies. Everyone pays for advertising. In the online world, the most popular instrument is launching a campaign in Google ads. If you made preliminary research and want to pay attention to a specific audience or for specific good Google ads is the answer. Being a good digital marketer means also the ability to save money thanks to literate contextual advertising.

Social media. Spheres and channels of communication. If your company doesn’t have a page on Facebook with online support the company doesn’t exist. To take care of an image in social media and be responsible for its appearance is a part of the profession. If you are good and customers are satisfied that you are in the right place. Strategy in social media is also your duty.

Content plans. It is about attracting old and new followers through quality content. Kinds of writing, frequency of posts and quizzes, topics and content of emails are the questions for digital marketing. There is a separate profession named Content manager but digital marketer must be aware of all tasks and plans that the manager is going to convey to the reader.

Web analytics. Finally, the results. Every digital marketer knows how to estimate his job. Spent money, attracted followers and sold goods are real indicators that show how close we are to the main goals of the business.

Web development. Is it programming or not?

Producing web sites from inside. It is coding without any doubt. Creating a picture we all see thanks to programming and strings of code. A web developer is always in a team with programmers and marketers at the same time. He understands the languages they both speak and transforms it to the website we are used to working with.

HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript. These languages are common for web developers. They are modern and their approaches are changeable. So if you want to be a good developer you must be aware of all novelties and follow a lot of communities and seminars.

Graphics and video software users. Every classical programmer is far from such software, but web developers must use it and transform it to create a better product. He is also responsible for usability and modern features with high levels of convenience for users.

Speed of response, inside logic and features. Are you tired of waiting for the response when you clicked the button or link on the website? Now you know whose responsibility it is. Web developers create the system from the inside to make supersonic responses for every user’s move.

Testing on different browsers. Never forget about the variety of browsers. Each of them has specialities that must be taken into account. If any of the browsers don’t support your product (website in general or some of its features) it means that your job is not very qualified.

Get to the heart of matter without failures

It is impossible to code a good website if you don’t understand the marketing strategy. And it is impossible to create a strategy if you don’t understand what it looks like in programming. That is why, when studying, you will face all kinds of assignments — more related to programming, more related to marketing, more related to design even. It all comes to this — whether you can regroup every time and deal with them on time. When you find it increasingly possible, we advise that you address and pay experts from a coding homework service that specialises in matters related to programming — — for getting assistance for money. This way you will handle most of the task easily, devoting your time to something that really matters. Time is precious — the impossibility to predict the time for realization of new features can play a cruel joke with a digital marketer. If a web developer is not seared or ignores the marketing plan and top goals of the company it also will lead to sad results. So choose what you like more but remember that the team works perfectly when all the members speak the same language.

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