David Tepper Quotes

It’s our contention that equity may be in the money, depending on where the liabilities lie.

I could buy an island. I could buy a private jet – but I have Net Jets

Our biggest mistake was not realizing how illiquid markets could get so quickly.

Basically if I know that things were coming, if I got the right things out of Europe, I would invest in different things there,” he said. “I’d really invest more in Spain, but I’ve got to have the right things because if I don’t I’m going to get killed.

Those who keep their heads while others are panicking do well.

The key is to wait. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do nothing.

I can’t really call myself a bull, I’m not probably as bullish as I could be because I have problems with earnings growth, I have problems with multiples.

I left Goldman Sachs. I was thinking about going to another Wall Street place. I didn’t want to do that. That was crazy. After you work on Wall Street, it’s a choice: would you rather work at McDonald’s or on the sell side? I would choose McDonald’s over the sell side.

I have too much money to quit.

I am the animal at the head of the pack. … I either get eaten, or I get the good grass.

I’m rubbing your balls for good luck!

GM will do what’s best for GM, and Delphi should do what’s good for them.