Create the Most Magnificent Posters and Videos Online Through InVideo in just minutes

There is no denying the fact that videos are more powerful as a visual medium than textual and audio-alone media. Well, enough research has been done in this area proving beyond doubt that videos have one of the highest engagement indices compared to any other medium.

While even a couple of years back making and posting a video or an image was not a simple task, today, thanks to the presence of multiple online video editors and poster makers today, you can now create and upload incredible and eye-catching videos online and make cost-effective impressive posters for advertising your brand and products/services. There is a long list of the best laptops for video editing and InVideo has made video editing on a laptop easy and fast.

The Quintessence of Videos Online

  • 66% of online consumers would rather watch a video of a product than read about it. (Wyzowl).
  • 55% of shoppers in a brick-and-mortar shop would view an online video of the product online while shopping. (Google).
  • In 2017, at least 75% of customers did not convert or buy a product after watching a video because the voiceover did not impress them. (Wyzowl).
  • The duration of the video is important. Videos under 1 minute are the most-watched by people. (Vidyard)

Quintessence of Posters

  • Posters are time-tested for their effectiveness as a marketing tool in the real world.
  • Posters are multi-useful. They can be used to promote your brand, products and services, special offers and events and more.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is one of the best online video editor and poster maker tool that helps in creating awesome and mind-blowing videos and posters. The tool essentially helps marketers, brands, designers, and individuals in not only video editing on laptops and creating magnificent videos but also adding a video from another source, adding logos and short introductions to your work.

Here is All that you Can Do with the InVideo tool:

  • Create posters
  • Short videos that could be ads, promos, introductions, tutorials, how-to-use videos, product information videos, videos for social media.
  • It helps convert text to video real fast.

InVideo – Company Information

InVideo is the creation of Abstrakt Video Private Limited founded by Mr. Sanket Shah (co-founder). The company is headquartered in San Francisco in California.

Why use InVideo?

The edge over other similar tools available in the market is:

  • Simplicity and easy-to-use features
  • From a layman to an amateur to a professional, InVideo is one of the most user-friendly video and poster maker tools, especially for those looking to edit video on their laptops.
  • With the help of hundreds and thousands of templates (over 1200) online, registered users can create professional videos with finesse and class.
  • No prior knowledge of computing or coding or even video-making or poster-designing is required with this online video editor.
  • Just like your smart devices, the tool is equipped with cutting-edge technology – advanced and powerful intuitive features that help create highly engaging videos and posters.
  • Immensely fast results. You can design and develop a video or a poster in minutes.
  • This is a cloud-based tool which means that users have the flexibility of creating and editing from anywhere and at any time.
  • Equipped with innovative and futuristic features for video editing on a laptop. The excellent customer support team, ready to help 24 x 7.
  • It can be used by people from all countries as it supports local languages.
  • The Stock library is filled with millions of footage and images.

Features of InVideo that Help Create Striking and Magnificent Posters and Videos

Video creation and poster making were never this easy and simple before InVideo made its entry in the field. Today, thousands of people across the world are using this highly supportive and intuitive software to engage their audiences and the following.

Some striking features include:

YouTube Video Editor

Make impressive and fast videos with this advanced video online editor for making YouTube videos.

Invitation Maker

Be it any occasion, create an awesome first impression with InVideo’s Invitation Maker. Be it a social event like a wedding or a birthday, or a corporate event like a product launch or a dealers’ meet, with this feature of InVideo, you can start promoting your event from the word go.

Intro Maker

This feature helps create the right impact, the right introduction to garner desired market attention.

Outro Maker

This is your Call-To-Action moment and you cannot miss it without making it compelling and persuasive. Do it with InVideo’s Outro Maker.

Facebook Ads

Facebook still rules the roost in the social media world. If advertising on this platform is what it needs for your brand to be worthy of notice, give it all you have by using InVideo’s impactful Facebook ad templates.

Slideshow Maker

Business meetings and presentations are no longer boring and strenuous. With an online video editor like InVideo, experience impressionable and influencing slides that make your audiences hooked and engaged.

Ad Maker

Use In Videos powerful Ad maker to create some amazing ads to push your brands up the ladder.

Instagram Video Editor

With this user-friendly video editing on laptop features, you will be successful in creating mind-blowing videos for your following on Instagram.

Wedding Card Invitation Templates

Simple to trendy, classic to contemporary; use multiple templates to create stunning wedding invitation cards.

Promo Video Maker

Promotional videos are important for the survival and growth of your brand today. Use InVideo’s promo video maker with a faster turn-around for creating impressionable promos.

Make a Poster

Use this feature anytime and for any event to make awesome posters for a brand niche.

Birthday Card Invitation Templates

birthdays are special days. Start the celebrations with the best invitation cards or videos that will have your invitees influenced enthusiastically.

Online Video Editor

From ready-to-use templates to filters, customized options, and intuitive features, you can create the perfect video for your brand using this feature.

Real Estate Marketing Template

this industry needs that superior professional touch to its videos and presentations to impress and influence buyers. Do all this and more with InVideo’s super versatile and flexible video editing on the laptop template.

InVideo helps make awe-inspiring and imposing videos, ads and posters for creating the right customer-engagements!

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