Tips For A Healthy Indoor Feline: CBD Oil For Cats

It has always been alarming for pet-owners when your felines are out of your sight. While it is in their nature to go around the streets, roofs, or anywhere, it is still worrisome when they aren’t around. Especially in times of pandemic, we couldn’t just go around and take them out.

Cats intrinsically have natural hunting instincts. Although it’s impressive, going outdoors and hunting may impose risks. Cats, in myth, are known to be playful outdoor cats. Undeniably, they are much like a hunter, curious about everything, and wants to play around. However, did you know that you can make your felines also enjoy in your household without getting bored and going nowhere? It is easier said than done, but there wouldn’t be harmful if you try. Check out the five ways to make your felines happy even when at home.

Tips For A Healthy Indoor Feline: CBD Oil For Cats


Cats who are left unattended may be vulnerable to the risks outside your home. Moreover, cats may worsen the dangers of cars, other animals, injuries, and diseases. Other than that, some people may not like a cat resulting in them getting cruel. However, it is preventable- the solution is to let them stay indoors.

How Can You Make Them Stay At Home?

Let Your Cat Hunt Indoors

Let’s not deprive them of their ability in nature, which is hunting. While it may be hard for them to locate one in your home, try purchasing fake animals that your inquisitive cat might want to track.

As we all know, cats are effective against rats indoors. But if no rats are wandering in your home, add an artificial one and set it up for your cats. Cats are pretty good hunters, toys can be an alternative way since other than having them kill pests or other animals might be harmful. So try making it more fun and playful rather than having them being dangered outdoors.

A Cat For Your Cat

While alone in your household, let them have a cat companion. Although cats may look fine alone (we can’t tell, tho), they also like socializing. Felines may want a companion or a buddy- they might thrive for it. Thus, your cats are less likely to feel isolated indoors since they have playmates.

Other than that, felines are such a great companion for you. If you want a loyal pet, undoubtedly, they’ll be perfect for you. Henceforth, why not have two felines?

Feline-Friendly Environment

The key to making your cat happier is to give them more comfort than anything. It includes providing your felines food, water, scratching areas, toys, and even their bed. Making a place for them to sleep comfortably is a good thing to execute.

If you’re a cat-owner, probably you’ve seen them being sleepy throughout the day. Because of their hunting drive, they are preserving energy for that- even indoor cats think that way. So it is best to make them comfortable in your space.

A Healthy Yet Delicious Food

Cats tend to eat lots of food- may it be proffered by their pet-owners or a stolen food you got there in your kitchen. Especially if they love the food, they’ll probably get it until they eat it (i.e., annoying you until they have it). So why not give them healthful food instead of them taking yours.

Human food may be unhealthy or too much for them, so be careful, though. Since it is not explicitly designed for them- it can be harmful to their digestive system, which may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and loss of appetite, which is way worse than anything else.

Veterinarians recommend that pet-owners get cat food made from all-natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, or any carbohydrates rich in nutrients.

Having food for your cat will engage them to stay inside your house and eat. However, don’t overfeed them since it might result in overweight. Supply your cats something to eat moderately.

A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat

Incessantly, making them healthy will make them happier. Just like you, your cats also need adequate nutrients that will maintain their health. You might want to add something to their meal like CBD Oil. It helps make your cat’s immune system healthy and generally increases its appetite and mood.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a plant-based product of Cannabidiol that is directly derived from the hemp plant. Many pet-owners have widely used it to their felines to apply its therapeutic effects for their cats. Not only for medical purposes, but it is also used to maintain the well-being of kittens.

It is a product that you can apply easily; apply it using tincture drops directly on your cat’s tongue or under it. You can also mix it in their food or snack, and it isn’t noticeable at all.

There’s no evidence that CBD is harmful yet has a lot of proven miraculous effects. If you’re eyeing one, try hemp oil for cats – CBD for cats – Pet Hemp Company for a fast-acting CBD oil that gives immediate results. CBD is found almost everywhere; go for a reputable brand.


  • Stimulate your cat’s appetite
  • Boost their mood (plus higher energy!)
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Treats seizures

Since felines are relatively small compared to other animals, it is best to have the product checked by a professional vet to ensure that you’re giving your cat the right gauge to boost their immune system and general health effects. CBD Oil should be used per dosage- to get the desired results for your cat. Learn about this product and establish what dose your feline should be taking.

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