Best Money Earning Games Without Investment In India

When the pandemic took over our lives we were left in our homes on our own. Fortunately, we had the internet to entertain us. Well, games have never been an alien topic for us. Even as kids we were pretty familiar with online games. These games were very new to us then. When online games evolved a bit they helped us a lot during the pandemic. When we did not have much to do and everything was getting a bit boring, online games always helped us to distract our minds. Nowadays these online games also help you earn money. However, there are a few pros and cons related to it. Therefore this article is dedicated to such money earning games for better understanding.

Best Money Earning Games Without Investment In India

What is money earning games?

Online games have evolved. Earlier, these games were only limited to youth and kids but now you even a huge part of the adult population also loves spending time on these games. These online games also come with monetary benefits. These money earning games have a major attraction for everyone. You simply need to visit any website or app of choice and register with them or create a profile to start playing. These apps or websites might ask you for a little or no investment. The more you win the more money you earn. Some games are based on points which you can later liquidate. While others provide you vouchers for winning.  

5 top money earning games (without investment)

Currently, there are a lot of such games on the internet. A few of the tops ones are as follows:

Online Poker

Platforms like GetMega, Winzo, and Gamezy are a few of the most popular portals to play online poker. Online poker is very similar to normal poker and is equally fun. Poker is all about strategy and patience. It also depends a lot on your luck. Family and friends will enjoy this game during a fun get together. You don’t need to put in any prior investment to play poker. Later when you pool the money that is when you invest. This is a great chance to win real money.

Online Rummy 

Rummy is another card game which is enjoyed by the entire population. Rummy is a very famous game in casinos and now you can enjoy this at home or on the go. Online rummy has been gaining a lot of popularity ever since the lockdown. Gather your friends and family and enjoy this game while video chatting with them. Most online gaming platforms have rummy as their top game.

Online Carrom

Carrom time is the best time with family. Carrom grows with you and becomes thrilling with every minute. A virtual striker and the smooth graphics make the online carrom more fun. You can enjoy this game alone or team up with online players too. The most exciting part is that you can win real cash while playing this game that too without any prior investment.

Online Ludo

During the lockdown, everyone was engaged with ludo. People used to play ludo for hours. Gathering your loved ones and spending time with them online was the ultimate way out. Since then Ludo has gained a lot of popularity. You can also win money or points while playing this game.

Fantasy Cricket

Platforms like Deam 11 and Cricbuzz have made fantasy cricket a phenomenon. During IPL season you people go crazy making teams and playing cricket online. Star Cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan, Rishab Pant, Rohit Sharma, etc are ambassadors for such games. There are a lot of cash prizes for cricket frenzies. You can enjoy this game with friends and family. All you need to do is create a profile and make your dream team with your favourite players. 

Pos and cons of these games

All kinds of zero investment games have their own set of terms and conditions. These games are also packed with a lot of benefits:

  • Super fun ad entertaining games for every age group.
  • Unites friends and family for a fun get together.
  • It is safe and under the Indian Government guidelines for online gaming.
  • Verified profiles
  • Helps build a gaming community 

Besides the benefits, there are also a few cons related to such games and gaming platforms.

  • Potential loss of money
  • Can become an addiction 
  • Requires internet to play
  • Based on a blockchain structure which is not very well known. 

Money earning games are very fun if you want to pass some time or have a good time with your loved ones living far away. It is a good way to bring them all together. For instance GetMega the best online gaming platform has games for every group. You do not need to invest anything to get an entry into the leader board. It is supported with live chatting and is a certified platform too. 

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