Are Outbound links good for SEO? Benefits of Outbound Link

What is Outbound Link? Are Outbound Links Good for SEO?

Outbound link is a one type of link that is pointing from your site to another website but are they beneficial for your site?Your blog is the heart and soul of your online business, and you perform really hard to draw visitors from your organic results and social media site.

out bound link advantages Are Outbound links good for SEO? Benefits of Outbound Link

Your site is a place where you could basically publish helpful post and earn money through Google AdSense. So, you don’t desire to be moving users away from your website out to some other websites.

Outbound links are extremely a great strategy for your sites. Most of the blogger and SEO marketers think that by giving outbound link traffic and Page Rank will decrease, but they are completely wrong.

Benefits of giving outbound links to other website

  • Improve Site Authority: By linking to relevant and trustworthy sites, your website is informing to search engines that it is valuable and helpful to their searchers. This proves that you are connecting to your topic sources. This is beneficial to your visitors, and anything that you are performing if that is useful to your visitors can help to make your site position higher in search engines.
  • Improve Ranking: Another great advantage of outbound link is if you are giving link to a trustworthy website that has high quality post and Good Alexa Rank as well as plenty of website traffic then it will improve your site search engine ranking as well as Boost Alexa rank quickly.
  • Boost Traffic through Social Media: When third-party website admin discover that you’ve linked to them, hopefully they promote the articles in which they have been linked. These social networks can be identified as a beneficial part in search ranking value (recommendation). At least, you’re improving your organization’s contact in numerous social networking websites.
  • Perhaps get a link in exchange: it is a Great way to get link back if a site owner noticed that you’re linking to their site then hopefully he will give you link in exchange to the articles you have written.

Remember Below Points Before giving outbound link to a website.

  • Visit the website properly to check that is a legal website and does not have any adult or illegal stuff.
  • Before giving link you should check website, it is indexed or not by search engine. If you don’t know how to check then simply copy their website URL and paste it on Google to check it is indexed or not.
  • Yes but link should be relevant to exactly what your website is all about. But keep in mind giving link to homepage every time is not good. So I suggest you to give link to that post which is related to your post. That’s exactly what search engines need.
  • If you are Giving outbound links to another website, make sure to open these links in a new page (new Tab). By doing this technique, whenever website visitors click on your given link, it will not go away from your website, your website remains open in their browser, you have not entirely left them, and they can still get back to your website.

Is Outbound Links Decrease Your Website reputation and Ranking?

  • If your website links to spammy websites, readers will think your website is Spammy too. You are literally damaging your own website rather than improving ranking and reputations. So always give link to high quality sites.
  • Homepages of other websites: Don’t give link to homepages of other sites. Giving link to home pages will not give any benefits to readers. So I suggest you to give link exactly to that topic.
  • Blog that has less than 300 words content: As I mentioned you should link exactly to that topic post so readers will learn more about that topic. So give link that has more valuable and good amount of content.

Is Zero Outbound Link a Bad Factor?

  • Yes, obviously Google basically desires its visitors to find whatever they are looking, so when you link to other trustworthy and related sites, you are giving a beneficial support to Google’s visitors. This makes your site a much more helpful source.
  • Links that goes out from your site to another site or blog post will improve your site authority and it is beneficial for users. But if your website does not provide any outbound links then it creates a bad impression for search engine as well as users too. Website that is not beneficial for readers will never achieve the top position.
  • When a website has great content and relevant pointing outbound links on particular niches, there’s a great opportunity to become a trustworthy source. PageRank is dependent on high quality link with some amount of quantity and Authority is improved by the high quality and amount of outbound links.

Which Type of link you should give in outbound link? Nofollow or Dofollow?

Should outbound links be Nofollow? You should give Dofollow link to the sites that provides something useful information or knowledgeable stuff. If you are confident that the website is informative and similar enough, then feel free to give Dofollow link.

Nofollow Outbound links are used only in the following situations.

  • Affiliate links.
  • Sponsored links.
  • Image Credits
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