Beard Status in English

“It’s not a beard, I’ve trained to sit very still. “

“When a bearded man is around I can’t keep Calm.”

“The beard signifies the courageous. The beard distinguishes

the grown men. The earnest. The active. The vigorous.”

“Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic.You don’t mind going through a little brush to get there.” –Minnie Pearl

“Beard making ugly men handsome since the beginning of time.”

I don’t work out much But my beard lifts skirts.

Kissing a man without a beard is like drinking champagne without bubbles.

Beards make Guy Hotter.

A full beard looks cool.

Love ur beard. It will love u back.

If u don’t like my beard…..then leave me baby.

Beard under construction.

Be Beard…Be Loved…

I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.

Be bearded, be real mens and f*ck haters hard