3 Types of Quality Backlinks for SEO – Step by Step Guide

Obtaining inbound links is a necessary part of your search engine optimization strategy. Such links inform search engines that your site is trusted, recognized and hence is valuable enough to get a top rank on the search result pages. However, not only the quantity of the backlinks you get either by a backlink maker with the help of this site: https://searchenginereports.net/backlink-maker, guest posting or by any other method but the type of the backlinks your site has, also matters. The result you see from obtaining backlinks, and their influence on your search engine ranking relies basically on the type of the link. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of backlinks and their worth:


3 Types of Quality Backlinks for SEO - Step by Step GuideFactors that have an effect on the value of a link

Before directly jumping to the types of backlinks, you must go through the things which make your link-worthy. As cited above, all of the backlinks are neither the same nor are generated equally. Many components can create an inbound link more worthy than the other one, and there are also some links that can even hurt your search engine optimization. The main aspects that can affect the value of a link are:

The authority of the webpage you are getting a backlink from

Better inbound links are generated from the quality and authoritative websites. These links are identified as the top webpage that will give more positive signs to search engines as compared to the lesser-known or low-quality webpages.

“No follow” and “Do follow” status

When you insert a link to your webpage, you can use HTML code to set a link as a no-follow one or a do follow one. Do follow links inform search engines to identify as well as give search engine optimization value to your link. Whereas, no follow link notifies search engines to overlook your link and give less search engine optimization value to it.

As do follow links send a positive signal to search engines; hence they are quite more worthy than no-follow links. Do follow helps Google notice what type and from how many sites are you receiving inbound links. Whereas a no-follow link is a point that isn’t in favor of the site but still brings visitors to your webpage.

On-site location of the link

Webpages are built in different sections, and the part in which a link appears might influence the worthiness of a link. The links which have the most value are usually from the main body articles of a webpage. Moreover, links might also not get the same worth from the search engines if they are visible on the footer, sidebar, and header of a page. You must search for the links which can be added into the central portion of the site as they have the most value.

What are the best kinds of backlinks?

After reading the above portion, you now have a perfect idea about the things which make a particular link valuable. Now let’s go through the best types of inbound links for search engine optimization of your page.

Business profile incoming links

Most of the time when you make an online profile for your business in it you can also add a link which is signaling towards your webpage.

Such links on social media networks, business listings, as well as on some specific directories of your industries reflect search engines that your website is a high-quality one.

Editorial backlinks

The main and best kind of inbound link for search engine optimization is originated from editorial mentions. Basically, an editorial mention occurs when webpage links and relates to your content in a good quality article. Some of the examples of editorial inbound links are:

  • Mentioning your webpage as an owner or creator of a particular image.
  • Doing an interview with a person who is related to your site.
  • Adding your webpage in a roundup of the link.
  • Citing your webpage as a source to get more details.
  • Mentioning a person from your business or anything from your article as a resource for more information.

You can create or get editorial backlinks by:

  • Writing shareable articles that most of the other webpages will love to talk about.
  • Build a robust content marketing.
  • Create amazing and informative content that can serve a source.

Webinar links

Generating a reliable resource on your webpage most of the time persuades different webpages to link to your site. An informative content which usually results in more links is known as webinar recording. Other webpages also often link or even ask other sites to link to your website which ultimately leads in more webpage mentions plus more links. By creating such links to your webpage, you can enhance the search engine ranking of your webpage.

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