Are NCERT Books Sufficient for Exams?

NCERT books lay the foundation of the CBSE curriculum. These books cover the major subjects for every CBSE educational institution.  National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) developed these books to cover all the fundamental topics. However, some students use additional reference books to prepare for examinations. The increasing demand for reference books among students raises a question. Are NCERT books sufficient for exams? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using NCERT books and when to switch to reference books.

Are NCERT Books Sufficient for Exams?

Some of the benefits of using NCERT books for exam preparation are:

In-depth Knowledge

NCERT books are smaller than all the reference books or manuals out there. The small number of pages leads to the deduction that NCERT books are only scratching the surface. However, this common belief is nothing more than a selling point for reference books.

NCERT books are developed by a group of experts. A lot of experts put in their extensive research in a single book. A book compiled with such precision will always carry in-depth knowledge of all the topics.

If you pay attention to all the topics, exercises, and examples, you will be able to solve complex questions with ease.

Easy Language

NCERT books focus on all the students irrespective of their intelligence. These books never display intimidating vocabulary to create an impression. Instead, they promote easy learning by using layman language in their textbooks.

It starts from the basic concept of the topic. You can refer to NCERT books if you have weak basics. Even if you are aiming for advanced concepts, these books are of great help.

Education is only interesting when you can understand it.

Follows CBSE curriculum

If you are preparing for the CBSE examinations, then NCERT textbooks are your best friend. These books are specially designed to cover the CBSE curriculum. Therefore, they cover all the topics vividly.

Even in board exams, these books set the tone for the examination structure. CBSE question papers are prepared using NCERT textbooks.

NCERT books are enough to prepare for your board examinations and get the perfect score. You don’t need to buy those thick reference books if you are just focusing on your board examinations.

Covers all fundamental concepts

NCERT books are considered the best set of books to strengthen your basics. Their easy language and detailed explanations help the students in learning the concepts thoroughly.

Students who wish to pursue competitive exams like JEE should also refer to NCERT books. These books can lay a strong foundation through which students can follow complex concepts with ease.

Basics are necessary for comprehending concepts. Furthermore, concepts are necessary for a perfect score. Cramming the whole book is not an ideal strategy. Any problem with a slight variation will mess it up for you.

You can solve complex questions if you are familiar with the concepts.

Best for CBSE board exams

You might have noticed that all the previous year’s question papers of the CBSE board consist of NCERT questions. Even the hardest question papers are derived from NCERT textbooks.

In some questions, values are changed but most of the questions are the same as in the textbook. Examples, exercises, theorems of NCERT textbooks should not be ignored.

You should not be selective while studying from NCERT textbooks. You should go through every chapter three times before moving on to a reference book or supplement notes.

NCERT books are the complete study material for board exams. You can also download free NCERT solutions to enhance your way of writing in exams.

Offers exercises to practice

NCERT books have plenty of exercises to practice. Every concept requires a good amount of practice to have a complete understanding of the topic. By solving exercises, you will know about the type of questions that can be framed by that particular topic.

Not only exercises but examples are also a great way to strengthen your concepts. You should try solving the examples without looking at the solution. You can test yourself by this method.

Just reading and understanding the topic is not enough. Therefore, NCERT textbooks offer a variety of questions to practice. You will find long questions, short questions, quizzes, fill-ups, true-false, etc to go through the concept in every possible way.

A good practice will help you clear the twisted questions in your examination.

Limited information

As we discussed above, NCERT books are made for CBSE institutions. They are sufficient for the preparation for board exams. However, if you are looking for detailed advanced concepts, these books are not going to be enough.

NCERT books are filled with limited information. Instead of being intimidating like reference books, they are prepared short and simple to encourage learning.

When to switch to reference books?

When it comes to board examinations, you can score full marks even without any additional books. However, if you are aiming for advanced examinations like JEE, AIEEE, you need further practice.

NCERT can strengthen your basics but it can’t provide the type of practice you need for such examinations.

Competitive exams require a hefty amount of practice. Therefore, you should prepare with NCERT and reference books simultaneously. This will give you enough time to prepare for competitive exams and you will be more than prepared for your board examination.

If you wish to use reference books for board examinations, you should complete your NCERT textbook first. Once you have all the concepts at your fingertips, only then you should go for some in-depth knowledge.

In conclusion, NCERT books are adequate to score perfect marks in board exams. On the other hand, reference books are a great resource for competitive examinations. In either case, you should complete your NCERT books first because most of the reference books fail to provide basic knowledge. Going for advanced concepts without understanding the basics is not a good idea. NCERT books are paramount for any exam preparation.

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