After Raising $33M, Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Launches Crypto App

The man in question is Adam Dell, an American venture capitalist and the brother of Michael Dell, the founder of the computer manufacturing company Dell Inc. The previous head of product for “Marcus by Goldman Sachs,” Adam Dell, has introduced a meta profit focused on investing dubbed “Domain Money” after crowdfunding $33 million from investors. He left the company in 2021, stating that it felt like the right time to look forward to the next chapter, and to be honest, this feels like that next chapter.

After Raising $33M, Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Launches Crypto App

He has also enlisted the assistance of an impressive team to help get the project off to a good start. The team is made up of 25 former Goldman Sachs employees. Elisha Wiesel, the former Goldman Sachs chief technology officer, and Christopher Giancarlo, former Commodities Future Trading Commission chairman are expected to partake in the project. Although other employees are leaving Bridgewater Associates, Morgan Stanley, Coinbase Global Inc, and BlockFi, the core team comes from Goldman Sachs, where they worked on large-scale regulated consumer financial products. Before hiring, the team goes through a thorough vetting and background check process.

Investors now look to gain access to a wide range of asset classes, together with transparency, power, and security, transparency, to be in complete control of their finances.

About Domain Money

As previously stated, the crypto investing app, which was launched on Tuesday, January 25th, is said to offer investors an intuitive, holistic, and sophisticated platform for crypto investment not as a fad but as the heart of their portfolio. The app is aimed at retail users, who will be charged a 1% annual management fee for actively managed and curated invested plans, reinforcing Dell’s claim that his mission is to increase his customers’ wealth. The app includes real-time market intelligence, live customer service representatives, and social sentiment analysis. Customers can invest in one of the professionally managed strategies in addition to trading stocks and cryptos on the app.

The proprietary investment strategies let you control your stock and crypto investments while their team of experts carries out the vital aspect of day-to-day management and asset selection. The app uses industry-leading security and encryption, using the latest SSL/TLS protocols, next-generation passwordless authentication, and AES-256. Securities on the app are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), and cash deposits are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Customers’ crypto is held in an offline, air-gapped cold storage system, and instead of less secure and easily-forgotten passwords, they create a unique key that only your biometric data and device can access. Access to Domain Money’s systems is limited and the systems are safeguarded via SSO and multi-factor authentication to limit access.

The app works like a broker, using actively managed investment strategies to masterfully blendstocks and crypto assets to set customers up for long-term growth. They currently have four different investment packages that are advertised as strategies. The first is the “domain edge,” which comprises wholly of cryptocurrencies, and it is ideal for investors who are looking for broad exposure to cryptocurrencies. It has a return on investment of greater or equal to 594.1% per annum.

The second, “domain balance,” is a 50-50 package that comprises stocks and crypto in equal proportions. It is suitable for investors who crave stability but are also interested in exploring cryptocurrencies. This package returns a yield of not less than 266%. The second to last package is the “domain access,” which consists of 80% stocks and 20% cryptocurrencies. It is ideal for investors looking for stable growth with moderate exposure to cryptocurrencies. The package has an annual return of 93.4%. The last package has the least return of 22.8%. This is the most conservative strategy in the pack, so it is best for investors with a low-risk appetite who just want stable growth. This presents investors with a lot of options to choose from, and considering how low the minimum investment requirement is ($100-$500), it is quite encouraging and a good way for new investors to explore the market. It is also great for people who don’t have the time to study the financial markets daily.

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