A simple way to view a private Instagram profile is an Instagram DP Viewer

Why do you need to view Instagram DP? We understand.

What do people do to find out more about an Instagram user who has decided to restrict access to his page? The suffering curious user goes around and around the private Instagram profile – but it is impossible to see stories or photos in the private profile!

Then the curious user creates a fake page and tries to follow a closed profile. Nothing comes out – his application is rejected. What remains? We offer a preview of the only thing that remains available in this small photo at the beginning of the profile.

A simple way to view a private Instagram profile is an Instagram DP Viewer

By the way, have you ever wondered what Instagram DP means?

Instagram DP is an abbreviation for Display Picture – that is, the designation for the Instagram avatar.

Viewing Instagram DP images

You may have noticed that it is not possible to view the avatar on Instagram DP (profile photo). When you click on the Instagram DP, nothing happens (or the Story may open), both from the application and from the web version. But there is a working way to view a full-size Instagram profile photo in 2022.

How to view photos in a private Instagram profile

This free service IG profile viewer for DP allows you to view, upload and enlarge your Instagram DP profile photo in its original size and high-resolution HD quality.

Uploading Instagram profile photos also works with any Instagram account. This means that you can download and view a profile photo from both a private and public account on Instagram in just a few seconds.

How do I view any Instagram DP profile photo?

Step 1: Type the account name of the Instagram profile you are interested in into the text field of the Toolzu Instagram DP downloader.

Step 2: Click on the “Download” button. Then you will get a full-size Instagram profile photo.

Step 3: Save the photo on your device and open it in your photo viewer or Camera Roll to see it in full size.

Why better to use the Instagram profile photo downloader by Toolzu

  • It is a fast, easy, and safe method to enlarge Instagram DP.
  • There is no need to log in to your Instagram account.
  • You can download Instagram profile photos with one click.
  • Save and upload profile photos in the original resolution and quality.

Where will the Instagram DP profile photos be stored?

The Instagram profile picture is usually saved in the Downloads folder if you’re using your computer, but you can use the “Save as” option and change it to another one.

However, you can check the download folder on a PC by following these steps:

On Chrome:

  • Windows: Press [CTRL + J ]
  • Mac: Click on [Shift + Command + J]

On Firefox Browser:

  • Windows: Press [CTRL + J ]
  • Mac: Click on [Command + J]

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Instagram lifehack. Use it if you need to know more about the owner of any private Instagram profile.

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