9 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

Passive income can be a nice addition to your income every month. Some people have their entire business built on passive income. Here are some of the best ways to earn passive income as a graphic designer.

9 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

Offer Marketable Content   

Creating marketable content can help you earn money through affiliate links. You can publish tutorials on YouTube or build your own design blog. Earning passive income through affiliates and ads is not easy because you need to build ad partnerships, create high-quality content, and implement a powerful marketing strategy. If you succeed, the rewards will be worth it.

As a graphic designer, you have a lot of special skills. You can use your skills to teach people what you know and earn money from it through online courses or ebooks. Just make one ebook, and you can sell it again and again. There are also websites like Skillshare and Udemy that allows designers to sell their own online courses.

Sell Print on Demand Items

You can make designs for hats, coffee mugs, shirts, posters, and other items and sell it through print on demand (POD) websites. Some of the most popular POD websites are DeviantArt, Zazzle, Threadless, Café Press, Printful, and RedBubble.

You can also sell POD items on your own website. Look for a print on demand fulfillment service like Printify. They will take care of the printing process and order fulfillment for you.

Sell Stock Photos

You can sell your photos on stock photo websites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Deposit Photos, Getty Images/iStock, and Stocksy. This is also a good way to improve your photography and photo editing skills.

Develop WordPress Themes

You can either develop WordPress themes on your own or work with an expert and split the income. There are a lot of tutorials on how to create WordPress theme designs. You can sell your themes on ThemeSnap, Theme Forest, Creative Market, MOJO Themes, Ink Themes, and Template Monster.

Write Books

Self-publish a book and sell it through marketplaces such as Lulu, CreateSpace, and Book Baby. This is a good way to put your name out there and help those who want to learn more about graphic design.

Sell Design Templates

If you’re skilled with graphic design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, you can make and sell your own templates. Marketers and designers who love DIY are always looking for templates that they can easily edit. Poster, flyer, website, and brochure templates are the most popular options.

There are a lot of platforms where you can sell your templates such as Creative Market, Template Cloud, Design Cuts, and GraphicRiver. You can also sell your templates on your website.

Create Fonts

You can make your own fonts using software such as FontLab, FontForge, Glyphs, and FontCreator. There are a lot of font-making tutorials out there. You can also enroll in a font design course to improve your skills. There are plenty of font marketplaces where you can sell your fonts such as FontShop, MyFonts, and Hype For Type. Another option is to sell the fonts on your website. Choose what’s most convenient for you.

Sell Adobe Add-ons

After Effects plugins, layer styles, photoshop brushes, text styles, and Lightroom presets make it easier for designers to edit and enhance their designs. Don’t just keep your collection of Adobe add-ons on your hard drive. You can sell these add-ons on websites such as FilterGrade, GraphicRiver, FilterGrade, and Creative Market to earn passive income.

Develop Mockup Kits

Designers who want to create brand identity displays and scenes for item displays often use mockup kits to make the job easier for them. Make a niche-themed mockup kit and sell it on your website or other platforms such as Creative Market. You can build shirt mockups, mobile app mockups, or product setting mockups. There’s no limit to the kind of mockup kit you can do. You can make mockups using tools such as Mockup Editor or other graphic editor software.


You need to build a larger audience so that you can grow your passive income. Take advantage of the most popular tools and newest graphic design trends. For instance, if you notice educational trends, you can make an ebook or Udemy course that you can sell to those who want to learn more about graphic design.

Check out various marketplaces and see the most popular trends there. See if you can offer something better. You can also become an affiliate for different design resources. Experiment and see which of these methods work best for you.

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