9 Makeup Tips for All Women Over 40 to Look Graceful & Stylish

Makeup and skincare are not restricted just to people of a certain age or gender. It does not matter how old or young you are; everyone needs to look well-groomed and take care of their skin in an age-appropriate way. It has always been of pivotal importance for women to look and feel graceful and elegant without overdoing it.

Though women of all ages strive to look their best on every occasion, after reaching an applauded milestone like 40, women need to change how they do makeup that suits their aesthetics and age. Women above 40, who have reached this beautiful milestone in their lives, need to tweak the principles they follow in their beauty regimen.

9 Makeup Tips for All Women Over 40 to Look Graceful & Stylish

In the following article, we have discussed nine makeup tips for women over 40 to help them look graceful and stylish.

9 Makeup Tips Every Woman Over 40 Must Know

Hydrate Your Skin:

Skin hydration cannot be overstated enough. Your skin needs as much hydration as the rest of your body. At an advanced age, skin loses moisture rapidly and becomes drier than usual. Not paying attention to your dry skin can negatively affect your overall makeup application and look. It is important for women, who have crossed the age of 40, to invest in moisturizing products with nourishing ingredients. This is also the first step in achieving a smoother makeup application.

Before putting anything on your face, apply a good moisturizer or facial oil to lock in all the moisture. You can opt for the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Brightening Serum+ Moisturiser for intense hydration and fight signs of aging.

Prep Your Skin:

Good makeup application depends on the amount of time you have spent prepping your skin in advance. Skincare must be an essential part of your makeup routine. When you have reached a mature age, it becomes more important to take care of your skin. Aging skin requires a lot more skincare than younger, supple skin. Therefore, you must invest in products specially meant for your skin type and age. Check out the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow range that offers moisturizer, serum, day crème, night crème, face mask, and more effective products for mature skincare and revitalizing skin’s glow.

After hydrating your skin and applying sunscreen, make sure you prep your face with a primer. The Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer creates a smooth canvas on your skin and blurs the pores for the makeup to glide smoothly. These few steps would ensure a smooth makeup application and help makeup stay longer without oxidizing. Many women skip prepping their skin and suffer patchiness as a result.

Cover Your Spots:

Skin-related issues are common for women of all ages. However, making those spots fade away at an advanced stage becomes a little tricky. It is important to use a concealer and corrector to cover dark spots and pigmentation and bring out an even skin tone before applying foundation. The Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Hide Creme Concealer can be your go-to option. With this concealer, which is available in three shades, you have a clean canvas, makeup becomes quick and easy. Some people suffer from redness and inflammation, which can also be managed with the help of a good concealer.

Blend Your Foundation:

Foundation application is a key factor in achieving a great look. When applying foundation, make sure that it is well blended into the skin. Skin that has reached a certain age tends to develop wrinkles and fine lines. If you are not careful about blending your foundation, you can suffer creasing and patching on your face. As a result, makeup would not look presentable and flawless, and your face won’t photograph well in pictures. All the other makeup elements would automatically fall into place once the foundation is blended into your face correctly. After blending, let the foundation sit on your face for some time to make it look natural.

Use a foundation brush or a beauty blender to buff in the base properly and repeat the process until you are satisfied with everything. Using a foundation formula that suits your skin type is extremely important. You can go for the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation for a flawless finish and skin-nourishing properties.

Blush Your Apples:

Not just for women over 40 years of age, but it is advised for all lovelies not to skip the application of blush. Often it is seen that older women do not use blush as they think of it as a young woman’s tool to add a beautiful hint of rosiness to their face. This is not true, as a suitable blush can enhance any woman’s makeup game. This is possible only when you know which blush shade suits your complexion and the shape of your face.

Use your facial structure to determine the placement of blush on your face. It is advised to place blush on the apples of your cheeks and gently blend it towards the temple. For a neutral blush shade, you can try the Lotus Herbals Ecostay Long Lasting Silky Smooth Blush in the shade, Coral Glaze. You can pair the coral hue with a gorgeous skin colour lipstick and balance out your makeup. Lotus Makeup products are formulated with natural and chemical-free ingredients that are paraben and cruelty-free.

Tame Your Brows:

Brows define your eyes, and your entire makeup game depends on them. It is important to take care of your eyebrows in the right way. A well-groomed eyebrow can make or break a makeup look. Once plucked to perfection, eyebrows need to be sculpted using a brow wax or pencil. Eyebrow pomades can also be used to fill in your brows to give off an illusion of fuller volume. For well-defined brows, you should switch to Lotus Makeup Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer.

Line Your Eyes:

Kajals and eyeliners are known to open up your eyes and complete a beautiful makeup look. Women over 40 tend to develop droopy eyes and wrinkles around the eyelid area. This does not mean that their eyes should be neglected while doing makeup. You must make it a point to line your eyes beautifully to enhance your overall look. Use a smudging tool to achieve a stunning smoky eye for a softer look. Pair your vivid eyes with a neutral glossy or brown matte lipstick to bring everything together and slay like a diva. For dramatic eyes, use Lotus Makeup Ecostay Longlasting Gel Eye Definer and Ecostay Longlasting Kajal.

Choose Your Lipstick Wisely:

Matte and neutral-toned lipstick appear well for all ages. Every woman’s vanity must have a gorgeous brown matte lipstick to ace their makeup game. Even if you don’t put on much makeup regularly, just a kajal, concealer, brow definer, and skin color lipstick is enough for a minimal yet effective everyday make-up look. If you need a bold evening look, bring Lotus Makeup Proedit Slik Touch Matte Lip Color in vivid shades to your vanity.


In conclusion, by following the above-mentioned makeup tips, women over 40 can achieve stunning makeup looks and look graceful as ever. They can gain more confidence in their appearance with the help of the products and techniques mentioned in the above article. Lotus Makeup products are formulated to suit all skin types and ages to slay morning to evening looks for any event.

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