9 Easy Ways to Add Storage to Your Baby Nursery

Wondering how to organize a baby nursery? It’s not always easy to keep your nursery neat and tidy. We have the top 9 baby storage ideas you need to know.

If there’s one thing that all first-time parents can agree on, it’s that welcoming that new bundle of joy home takes up a lot of space.

9 Easy Ways to Add Storage to Your Baby Nursery

The nursery, especially.

Between the diaper boxes, wipes, spare bottles, blankets, and onesies strewed about, your nursery becomes a cluttered mess.

Take a look at these nine awesome baby nursery storage ideas to convert that messy baby nursery into a soothing, well-organized room.

A Changing Station With Aesthetic Shelves

Tired of digging through messy drawers for that missing bottle of baby powder? What about finding the last size six diaper in a sea of fives and sevens?

This changing station — featuring a three-tier aesthetic shelving unit — holds the answer. Tucking the whole set-up into the corner of the nursery can help you save some much-needed floor space when tummy time rolls around.

You’ll also have everything you need when you’re dealing with an explosion:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Creams and lotions
  • Favorite toys
  • Blankets
  • And more!

When your newborn becomes a toddler, these shelves are the perfect place to store framed photos, action figures, and bath toys.

Adorable Animal Wall Hooks

Who said practical couldn’t also be decorative and fun?

These mini wood animal wall hooks from Burke Decor come in three precious styles from all corners of the animal kingdom: koala, panda, and penguin.

Secure them by the nursery door to hang the newborn essentials. Now the hooded bath towels, knitted hats, and even that grab-and-go fleece blanket for long car rides are within easy reach.

Extra Clothes Closet Organizers

Baby number two might be right around the corner.

But if you stockpile every outfit and onesie until then, that already-cluttered closet will soon hit capacity. These foldable storage organizers can hold you over in the meantime without having to toss your Osh Kosh collection.

Wash those outgrown clothes, fold them, and pack them into the three sections. Hide the entire container away until you welcome that second bundle of joy!

Rolling Diaper Storage Carts

Even the most well-intentioned pre-planning doesn’t stand a chance when you’re caring for a newborn baby. This is especially true when they’re too fussy for the changing table or need an emergency diaper swap-out in another room.

This three-tier rolling cart makes diaper time portable.

Load it up with diapers, baby powder, wipes, creams, and blankets. And, then, wait for the next unexpected accident — you know there’ll be one!

Diaper Drawer Organizers

One fact that all new parents learn with experience:

Not all diapers are the same. Some are sized differently, explicitly designed for your baby’s first swim lesson, or meant for long stretches of sleep.

These diaper drawer organizers can help you re-vamp and re-organize that mess of a diaper drawer. And, when your baby transitions into toddlerhood, they’re still functional. You can use these organizers to separate socks from underwear and shorts from tees.

Reading Nook Floating Wall Shelves

Nothing lulls a sleepy baby into a slumber quite like a rocking chair, cuddles, and having a book read to them. Install these floating wall shelves in a quiet corner of your nursery to create a relaxing reading nook.

These 31.5” bookshelves can hold dozens of your favorite reads, from Dr. Seuss and The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

There’s no better way to start a love for reading early!

Spacious Cubbies With Baskets

While decorating a nursery is a fun weekend project, it can become tiresome — and expensive — to overhaul the room with every new baby milestone.

That’s where these spacious, baby-friendly cubbies come in handy.

They’re low to the ground, leaving your baby’s favorite stuffed animals within reach when those long-awaited crawling days begin. You can also place wicker baskets in each to turn the entire unit into a giant, six-part toy bin when the time comes.

Giraffe Storage Baskets

The stereotypical “storage” solution will hide unsightly items from view to create a crisp, clean nursery. But these cute, wicker, giraffe-shaped storage baskets from West Elm might just be the next-best option!

It’s large enough to carry rolled-up blankets, stuffed animals, small toys, and large bouncy balls. Yet, it’s also decorative enough to add to a cutesy animal theme (even better if you pair it with those mini animal wall hooks!).

Clothing Size Closet Dividers

A baby shower will fill every square inch of your nursery closet. While this limits those monthly Target trips as your baby outgrows previous outfits, it’s not all roses and sunshine.

That closet looks like a tornado rolled through!

That’s why moms across the country re-organize the clutter with closet dividers to separate clothes by size:

  • 0–3 months
  • 3–6 months
  • 6–9 months
  • 9–12 months
  • 12–18 months
  • 18–24 months

Now, you can just grab any outfit and go without worrying whether it’ll fit.


All nine of these storage secrets can turn a bare, open bedroom into an adorable, baby-friendly nursery.

But keeping the nursery pristine requires a few golden rules:

Return things to their rightful place. There’s no sense in having a giraffe storage basket dedicated to nighttime onesies if you also toss in baby wipes. Think twice before you shut a drawer!

Schedule seasonal clean-outs. Your little one will grow out of outfits faster than you realize. Pack those old onesies into a plastic tote and tuck them away in the basement (hey, you never know!) or donate them to a good cause.

Don’t go overboard. These Pinterest-worthy storage ideas thrive in the interior design department. But too many shelving units, cubbies, and baskets can quickly create a cluttered look. Only invest in the solutions you need!

With that, get ready to decorate and re-organize!

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