7 Types of Luggage You Can’t Live Without

Luggage shopping ranks up there with shoe shopping. The options have become almost endless. Pick from different sizes, colors, and styles. Plus, travelers can pick between soft-sided or hard-sided shell versions. Travelers will find that luggage has also gone high-tech. Some have charging ports, and the 360-degree spinner motion makes walking with them easier. Every corporate traveler benefits from picking up a durable carry-on suitcase and a complementary large check-in version. For organization, crossbody bags and luggage-focused wallets round out the collection.

The following are seven types of luggage you can’t live without.

7 Types of Luggage You Can't Live Without

Full-Sized Checked

Although picking up luggage from the airport carousel can pose challenges, some business trips require more than a carry-on. Full-sized checked suitcases measure between 28 inches to 32 inches. More importantly, they fit 50 pounds of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Professionals who travel on extended assignments can’t live without a reliable full-sized checked-in suitcase. Those who pick up the latest models will enjoy features such as TSA locks, hard shells, and 360-degree spinner wheels.

The high-end options offer additional pockets and accessories. For example, suitcases for business travels will include a foldable garment bag for one suit or dress.

Then, the wheels ensure that you can make your way through foot traffic and from one gate to the other quickly

Medium-Sized Checked

Medium-sized suitcases measure between 25 inches and 27 inches. Passengers can’t carry them onto airplanes but they can on trains.

These suitcases comfortably fit about 40 pounds of contents. You’ll find them in soft- and hard-side shells. Plus, they’ll have features such as interior wet pockets, belts, and comfortable handles.

Medium-sized suitcases come in handy for longer assignments and accommodations that don’t provide a lot of storage space.

Carry On

For short trips, professionals can’t live without carry-on suitcases. It’s the most versatile piece of luggage. Seasoned business travelers learn how to maximize the smaller space. Plus, the size ensures that travelers only pack the essentials.

Carry-on suitcases measure between 19 and 23 inches. Airlines allow the smaller on international flights while the larger versions are perfect for domestic travel.

Most carry-ons can hold 35 pounds of contents. When you pack it, avoid overstuffing it. Even if the suitcase expands, overpacking the case can cause unnecessary damage.

Part of becoming a successful business person is learning how to streamline processes and how to become efficient. Packing a carry-on is an art. Once you master it, you have truly arrived.

Personal Carry On

Airlines, trains, and buses allow passengers one checked bag and one carry-on bag. High-end luggage manufacturers produce durable and versatile personal carry-on bags, and you can’t live without them.

These bags include wide interior space for clothes, a pair of shoes, and some accessories. Plus, they have middle inserts that fit and protect laptops. Thus, they cater to business travelers on short trips and last-minute travel. Moreover, the design considers that you probably travel with electronic gadgets.

Duffel bags for corporate travel can do the trick too. Check out some options.


Weekender bags serve a purpose for corporate travel too. Keep one packed in the closet, just in case your company needs you to travel at the last-minute. It’s also a great bag for road warriors and short-term travel.

The weekender has plenty of interior space for clothes, a pair of shoes, and accessories. Then, travelers can enjoy its additional interior and exterior pockets.

These bags have soft-side shells. Thus, they easily fit in overhead compartments of airplanes, trains, and buses.


Rolling luggage is great for packing the essentials. However, you also need something small that keeps valuables close to your person.

Crossbody bags have evolved from the messenger version to the updated fanny packs – place keys, small electronic gadgets, and extra charging cables inside. As a bonus, the pockets help you organize your tech, accessories, and valuables.

Travel Wallet

The final piece of luggage that every business traveler needs is a travel wallet. Travel wallets organize the essentials such as money, credit cards, and pictures. Their size also allows travelers to carry government-issued IDs, passports, and printed tickets easily.


Corporate travelers benefit from investing in high-quality luggage that includes checked-in and carry-on sizes. A well-rounded luggage collection includes at least one option in three sizes and complementary travel bags such as weekenders, travel wallets, and crossbody.

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