64 Factor You Must Follow to achieve Success in Blogging Journey

Lots of tips are published by different people on their blogging sites.  But Everyone has different points in their blog. So today I am going to guide you some easy tips and Strategies for blogging to develop a winning blogging site. Believe me, to achieve Good Alexa Ranking and Huge Traffics you just need to follow my below simple lists of blogging tips.

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Before entering in the blogging world, if your purpose is just to earn money then you be sure that you will give more time and energy to improve your blog. According to my experience a successful blog required more time, hard work and patience.

Listed Here are 64 Tips You Must Follow to Achieve Success in Blogging

  1. Write About Something That You Love.
  2. Build A Single Niche Blog. For Example, If You Are Choosing SEO Topic, Posts Should Only About SEO.
  3. If You Are Really Serious and Preferring to Make Your Brand Popular Then Buy Your Own Domain.
  4. Buy Fast Speed Hosting along with Affordable Price. (Recommended Hosting)
  5. Make Sure Your Website Domain Is Unique and Simple to Memorize.
  6. Select Your Topic Carefully.
  7. Use WordPress.
  8. Choose the Best WordPress Theme.
  9. Customize Your Blog Theme.
  10. Use WordPress Plugins.
  11. Blog with Regularity.
  12. Write Minimum 3 Posts in A Week.
  13. Submit On Social Bookmarking Sites After Posting.
  14. Submit On Social Media Sites After Posting.
  15. Submit Guest Post Regularly.
  16. Focus on Broken Link Building Strategy.
  17. Optimize your webpages Smartly
  18. Connect with Other Bloggers.
  19. Leave Beneficial Comments on other people blogs.
  20. Leave Entertaining Comments.
  21. Leave The 1st Reply.
  22. Take At-Least Weekly Backup of Your Blog.
  23. Remove The Sidebar Log & Calendar Widget.
  24. Take Part in Online Community Forums.
  25. Place A Web Link On Your Signature.
  26. Content Is King.
  27. Use Unique Titles Such as “Top 10 Tips” Or Best 10 Tips”.
  28. Use Keywords in Article (Keywords Should Be in Limit).
  29. Write On “How to” Topics.
  30. Create Search Engine Friendly Posts. (Learn How to Write a post)
  31. Create Human Friendly Posts.
  32. Submit Your Blog Homepage On Different High PR Web Directories.
  33. Answers to Your Visitor Questions.
  34. Must Give Internal Links to Your Other Relevant Posts.
  35. Must Give Outbound Links to Improve Site Authority.
  36. Use Simple and Readable Fonts.
  37. Write Detail and Long Post. (See this Post as an Example)
  38. Use Google Analytics.
  39. Avoid Using Duplicate Content. (Test Here Duplicate Content)
  40. Read More Blogs to Improve Skills.
  41. Avoid Meaningless Post.
  42. Write Posts That Provides Some Value.
  43. Focus On Quality Content.
  44. Must Add “About” Page or Widget on the Footer.
  45. Must Add “Privacy Policy Page” For Approving Google AdSense.
  46. Add “Advertising Here” Page in Your Blog. (optional)
  47. Use Title Tags and Meta Description Correctly.
  48. Create Search Engine Friendly URL.
  49. Learn The Basic Concept of SEO.
  50. Add Images as Much as Possible.
  51. Build Worth for Your Readers.
  52. Place Advertisements Smartly.
  53. Experiment with Google AdSense.
  54. Make It Easy for Visitors to Contact You.
  55. Use Catchy and Creative Blog Post Titles to Attract Visitors.
  56. Offer Email Subscriptions in Blog.
  57. Add Comment Subscription Option in The Below Comment Box.
  58. Provide Beneficial Tools and Resources.
  59. Be an Expert in Your Niche or Topic.
  60. Use Simple Colors and Fonts.
  61. Try to Make a Good Relationship with Other Bloggers.
  62. Talk Directly to Your Readers.
  63. Add Social Icon Links On Your Footer.
  64. Be Patience for Achieving Traffic.

Are you nervous about getting success you desire as a blogger?  Do not wait to follow our given Blogging tips and trick, as in this post we have mentioned all the points for achieving success in blogging journey. To get more Ideas, tips and tricks on blogging, please Visit Updatepedia Blog Regularly. If you have any doubt feel free to comment or Contact.

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