5 Steps to Protect your Password

Authentic and private information are at the highest risk under the world of globalization and digitization. The compromise of confidential information can be catastrophic and can even lead to bankruptcy in major cases. Protecting your password should in your priority list. The strength of the password can help you to save your confidential data. Password Strength Checker tools allow you to safeguard your data before it gets too late.

5 Steps to Protect your Password

Let us look at the 5 important steps which you must do to protect your data:

Go the alpha-numeric way

Even the best password strength checker tools recommend the use of both alphabets and numbers to make your data more protected. A longer and an alphanumeric password make it difficult to be decoded as even one wrong entry would lead to a failure in the authentication. Longer the password, higher is the probability to make a mistake under malicious attack.

Be unique everywhere:

One of the most important tips that I have received was to have a different password everywhere. Yes, though it might be difficult to remember multiple passwords, it is better than having all your confidential data being decoded at one go. Don’t you feel scared when reports of more than 80% of data misconduct happen due to failure of the strength of the password?

Make big changes:

Do you get this notification every 3 months to changes your password? How do you react to it? If you just replace “#” with “/”, you are ready to fall among that 80 % of the people who are open to getting their data hacked. Making changes as big as renaming the entire password is often the most efficient way to protect your data, rather than changing one symbol.

Maintain ambiguity:

Do you know, more than 50% of users use their date of births as their password? Isn’t it one of the biggest blotches people make, unknowingly? Keep your personal life and security separate and avoid using the personal data like DOB, lover’s name, phone number as your password. Make it more authentic by including ambiguity in your password.

How about using the name of your first boss as your password! Don’t be different, be unique while setting passwords.

Be regular:

Going back to my fourth point, being able to regularly change your password and updating the same is a skill that you must have. You must look forward to making regular changes in the password as it would ensure your data remains protected against hackers as well as the privacy within family members is also maintained

A password strength checker tool enhances the credibility of the password that you are using. The algorithm checks the use of letters of the different cases as well as the use of symbols and numbers in the right proportion which ensures that your password remains strong enough to beat the hackers. The importance of a strong password should never be neglected, as only a strong password ensures higher data protection and sound sleep.

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