5 of the Most Common Types of Addiction

Around 21 million people in the USA have at least one addiction – this equates to 1 in 8 people. When people think of addictive substances, they think of alcohol and Class A drugs. However, there are other things people can become addicted to, such as shopping, internet use, food, and work. Here are 5 of the most common types of addiction.

5 of the Most Common Types of Addiction - Must Read


In the USA and all over the world, addiction to alcohol is the most common type of addiction. It is dreadful to think that a substance we freely accept in polite society and use as a symbol of celebration is responsible for controlling American people’s lives, making them sick and even killing around 88,000 of them each year.

Alcohol addiction is common because alcohol is legal and readily available. Excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking can cause serious health conditions such as liver disease, various types of cancer, high blood pressure, impotence, stroke, dementia, and death.

If you fear you may have an alcohol problem or know someone that does, you should check out avenues of help in your areas, such as alcohol rehab, Las Vegas, or specialist medical centers in Nevada.


With the invention of vaping with electronic cigarettes, tobacco addiction has reduced a little bit but is still one of the most widespread addictions in the world today and causes around 6 million deaths.

Tobacco contains a substance called nicotine, and this is highly addictive. Nicotine is present in most vaping liquids too. Signs of addiction include experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop smoking, avoiding social situations when smoking is banned, and continuing to smoke despite related health conditions. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, insomnia, depression, increased hunger, anger, and bowel issues.


People can become addicted to prescribed medications. If you find that you are using more of the drug than what has been prescribed by the doctor, are visiting different pharmacies or clinics to get more medication, hiding bottles, or thinking about the medicine all the time, you may be forming an addiction. Codeine and tramadol are two medications that those with painkiller addiction can be reliant upon.


One in four people who try heroin for the first time will go on to become addicted. Heroin is an opiate that stimulates the production of dopamine and endorphins – the brain’s feel-good chemicals. Heroin slows breathing and controls heart rate. If breathing slows down too much, the user can fall into a coma or suffer severe damage to the brain.


Cocaine is a widely used recreational drug. In 2020 Oregon became the first state to decriminalize the drug. The drug is snorted, injected, or smoked and induces a hit within thirty minutes. Most people use the drug because it gives them a feeling of confidence, excitement, and alertness. However, some people become arrogant, irritated, and anxious.

Cocaine raises blood pressure and can cause users to suffer heart attacks or strokes. Snorting cocaine can damage the cartilage of the nose and cause a deviated septum. Injecting the drug destroys veins and can cause the user to develop gangrene and ulcers.

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