3 Main Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business

At present, it is relatively easy to lay down some capital and start a new business altogether. Of course, a license or two will be needed amongst some permits too. Even so, the market is accessible to anyone willing to put in the time and money for it. In comparison, starting a business in old times was seen as a difficult process.

3 Main Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business

The fruits of that process were also often not received either. The world today is at a different stage and given the right skillset, anything is possible. While anyone can get up and start a business, there is however a series of steps to follow. Going in blindly is a recipe for disaster and one that wastes all your money.

Market research is important if not the most important step to take before starting a business. Research does not mean googling about the information on and off and is an extensive process. If you know what to look for and what variables to consider then this becomes easier. Instead of spending weeks researching irrelevant details, streamline the process. Focus on the key fundamentals you need to know about to start your business. Keeping it afloat is a different field altogether and one that will benefit from this research. Below are a few of these factors you need to gather information on.

The Cost Attached

The first thing to work out is the cost attached to the business you are trying to start. The cost attached is mostly variable from industry to industry. The cost of raw materials is what will be adding up to the final price the product goes for. The marketing cost and the cost of delivering and receiving the materials are important too. There may be more or fewer variables depending on the industry your business is in. A new business starting in making packets full of chips might encounter packaging costs. Affordable packaging manufactures such as logos-pack.com will be able to fix the problem.

Another area of the cost to focus on is how much of the amount would be permanently lost. The sunk cost matters a lot and can be the difference between bankruptcy and profit. Investing all of the capital into the cost of starting up the business is a bad idea. In this case, if the business is unprofitable for the first few months then there will be no cash to inject. That is why it is preferred to enter industries where the sunk cost is low.

The benefits of gathering research about the cost attached are profound for the business. This research will give you different options for suppliers for the business. Marketing options may also have to consider as the cost becomes clearer. Finally, a bigger picture will be provided regarding how much cost is present. This is a great way to figure out hidden costs too and can help a lot. This research helps the business inject cash more accurately and stay afloat longer.


A common mistake that many entrepreneurs make is to always enter the trending market. An example of this would be to enter the market everyone else is entering in. The misconception here is that many people believe that this is a safe choice for profit. In reality, the number of new entries to the industry is going to lead to high competition. This means that newer businesses will be far less profitable than more established ones.

Some of the aspects that these businesses compete on are the price and quality of the product. Established businesses may already have good supplier ties and better bulk prices. Newer businesses will be left with higher costs of production and less demand. This is why research is important regarding the competition.

Researching about the competition beforehand can provide paramount information for success. At the very least, it will provide good advice on whether to join the industry or not. Highly competitive industries are harder to get into. This research may also help you devise a unique selling point that the competition does not have. This in turn may help you gain more sales and break the market.

The Business Environment

The business environment refers to the overall state of every industry as a whole. Which industry is in decline and which is looking to be more popular later on? This is very important and can make or break your business. For example, starting a new business at the start of Covid 19 was a bad idea. Supplier trouble, less demand, and fewer working hours are just some of the problems.

Other aspects to look into are the government laws and permits to be needed. Some industries can be harder to get into depending on the government laws surrounding them. Similarly, the state of labor available locally is important too. If the labor supply is low and the industry requires specialised labour then this means trouble. These are just some of the factors to be considered before starting a new business.


The market research to be conducted is extensive and goes way beyond these 3 factors. Yet, these 3 are the most important factors to consider before starting a business. If these factors are not in ideal conditions then starting a business is a great risk. That being said, entrepreneurs have labeled risk-taking for this reason. There is always risk involved in the business world. It pays off to take calculated risks. We hope the above factors are looked into before embarking on a new business venture.

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