20 Tips to Get Approved Google AdSense Quickly in Just 48 hours

20 Tips to get approved Google AdSense quickly without Rejection

Tips to Approve Google Adsense Account Quickly: Google Adsense is a best earning method if you have a blog with good traffic. Are you thinking the reason why Google gets rejecting your request for the AdSense program again and again?

AdSense is one of the best advertising method in the entire online world. They have the maximum paying advertisements, the major inventory of companies as well as the best quality advertisements. This is such a good factor. And also similar to all good things, it needs lots of task to manage.

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Below are 20 Tips to approve Google AdSense Fast without Rejection

As a part of that good role, Google set strict guidelines and rules for bloggers before they could be approved into the system. This is to make sure that only good-quality websites are showing AdSense advertisements. This in turn keep on the advertisers satisfied, in which all the money ultimately originates from.

That’s the reason why over time, as Google’s ad network improved, it’s also getting more difficult and tougher to get approved in it.

I understand, it could be annoying if you’ve attempted many times and unsuccessful. But if you’re not regarding prepared to quit, here’s top several factors why AdSense programs get ignored and how to proceed about them.

Take a look at below given tricks, you may be performing something that is why your Google AdSense approval are not accepted and get rejected.

Many people are complaining that my Google AdSense account not getting approved.  Here are some factor for Google AdSense account approval Trick Quickly Without Rejection.

1. If Your Site is Too New

Your domain name should have been registered and live a minimum of six months before you decide to submit an application for Google AdSense approval.

It is pretty simple and easy. If you’re stuck here, you’ll just need to wait and Keep develop your website as well. Keep putting extra amazing things so that visitors would like to check your website daily.

2. Insufficient Content

Content is a vital part of your website or blogger. Google examines your blog content quality and amount of content while monitoring because, obviously your articles is what users will likely be coming to your website for. If you don’t have more written content, then there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to visit your website, therefore there’s also no point for Google to allow you to place their ads on your website.

So when we’re discussing about content, it’s generally regarding text content and useful tips or information. So you have to more add post and articles to approve google AdSense account quickly in a first time without getting rejected.

3. Low Quality Content

When we discuss about content and Google AdSense approval, we should not post just any type of content. We should post useful and high-quality content. This kind of things that really gives worth, stuff that we can say are well worth spending valuable time on.  You need to be extremely careful regarding the top quality of the things you publish on your website if you wish to get accepted by google AdSense program.

Additionally, real and useful topics such as study or researches, news, guides, and so on. Are considered as a top quality content because they assist users to fix issues or learn answers to their issues.

But copied and spin version content from other sites are considered as a poor quality, Google really dislike copied articles and content that are created by silly spin bots software. Spin content actually look insensible when you look at spin content you will not understand anything. User and even Google AdSense program does not like such things

Google performs so hard to eliminate those websites who are using spin and copied content. So Google truly don’t have any factor to approve your google AdSense network.

4. Unsuitable Content

Certain kinds of information, even if they give worth to few users, are just not acceptable for the common population. These items include but are not restricted to:

Pornography – Adult stuff

Hate Speech

Hacking – Cracking Tips

Violent Things

Business of Beer – Hard Alcohol

Drugs – Equipment

Sales of Weapons and Ammunition

Any Other Prohibited Things

If you operate a website or have webpages regarding any of these articles on your blog then your google AdSense account will not approve by google. It will definitely get rejected. Remove all those kinds of content from your blog or website to get google AdSense account quickly approve.

5. Your Website is Virus Infected

Some people are purposely repeating this — publishing virus via their websites. However these users are usually clever enough to experience that they can’t enter into the AdSense application, so they don’t attempt.

But for many bloggers or website owners have virus on their websites, they actually don’t know their websites are affected. And obviously Google cannot approve into their network, blogs that spread virus. It is a common word for bad software program that either maliciously grab sensitive information from users or spread malware and all kinds of harmful stuff on the web. If you identified that your website has virus, you’ll have to focus on eliminating the harmful things from your website.

6. Insufficient Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a natural traffic. Users visiting your website from other areas on the web without typing your domain name. These are generally users who might have found a link to your website from blogs, forums, your reviews on other blog sites, Google search results, and more.

This visitors not originating from advertising through paid methods or other advertisings. If your website presently doesn’t have enough traffic that visit your website daily, it’s not yet value joining into the AdSense application. Which means you need to build a larger viewers for it first, so it might not be useless to show advertisements on there.

The best ways to get huge organic and natural visitors is search engine optimization. Optimizing the webpages on your website to make them be visible on top of search engine results when users search any related keywords and phrases, would probably increase your organic website traffic. This is not written in their TOS, many of blog owners said in forums that website traffic obviously matter to approve google AdSense. Suppose if your google AdSense account get accepted, but what if you don’t have visitor or less visitors. Then you will not earn anything.

7. Poor Quality Visitors 

When you apply for google AdSense, you just can’t have any kind of website traffic. You must require high quality traffic — people that like to visit your website because they really have interest in your written content.
The two vital guidelines of the high quality visitors you obtain on your website are the bounce rate and average time spent on website by every single visitor.

If you don’t have natural website traffic to your blog or site yet, and you wish to cheat by sending cheap and low quality visitors through any website traffic exchanges bot, paid-to-click websites are ignored in google AdSense most of the time.

8. Poor Site Design

A bad appearing site is a sign of mixture of the following:

Low grade website owner/publisher

Insufficient information

Spam – blackhat site

And no one like to show their ads on your site because of bad design even google AdSense program also dislike bad website design. When you wish to improve your possibilities of getting allowed into the google AdSense program, spend the maximum effort while you require in designing your website or blog. Wisely select a theme that appears wonderful and professional.  It doesn’t need to be costly. You can also use free themes. It doesn’t make a difference what platform you’re creating your website on, you can get always themes that look really good and impressive without being so difficult to set up or use.

9. Submitting an application for AdSense with your site

When you apply for Google AdSense, it is required that you currently have a website of your own personal. You can’t submit an application in google AdSense program with a friend’s site, particularly if you don’t have accessibility to edit its code.

After submitting your program, AdSense places you into a temporary authorization phase where you are needed to position ad codes into your website. Google can take its time to review and analyze your website (making use of the code you inserted to your website). After up to 2 weeks, you should get an acceptance approval message or the fearful rejection mail.

To improve your probabilities of getting approved, obviously, be sure you’re trying to get them with a website you have got entire control over.

10. Your Age should be 18+

Google terms for joining google AdSense program needs that your age should be minimum 18 years old. Here I am sharing you a tips that if you are not still 18 years old, the minimum you should do is not fill in your actual birth year while registering: D

11. Use Paid Domain

Before earlier days AdSense program was very simpler and easier to get accepted. At that days Google accepted with a website subdomain for example:  “updatepedia.blogspot.com” or “updatepedia.wordpress.com” But you can’t do it any longer nowadays. Now Google AdSense program only approve those web publishers to include their websites on their own top-level domains. Example: www.updatepedia.com

12. Ads from Other Ad Channels or Networks

In Google AdSense approval rules they didn’t mention that they won’t allow you if you currently have advertisements from other networks on your website. However the AdSense authorization staff are very strict and extremely unmerciful regarding not allowing publishers show AdSense ads beside related ads from other networks. They do not like their advertisements puzzled as coming from other networks or other networks’ ads confused AdSense ads.

To improve your possibility of getting accepted, eliminate your current advertisements from various other networks during the approval stage. It is possible to just place them again when you’re already completely approved. Just be sure you don’t break any of the rules.

13. You Got Links from Harmful Community

Google takes good care of their brand, name and impression so they don’t desire allow those promoters that are in harmful and bad organization.

The internet is extremely similar to the real-world. There are many websites in which everything is systematized, in order way and acceptable. While you can also find many websites where you will see all kinds of bad things from immorality to unlawful things. Websites that have such type of articles are consider as a poor community.

If perhaps you got links from these websites, it usually means that you’re connected with them. And this connection can simply enough to your google AdSense application rejected.

But obviously, you don’t have entire management over who links to your website. Your opponents might be performing harmful SEO to you — building bad links to your website is a reason to ban from Google search engine list.

If you’re unsure regarding the links to your website, you could use tools such as Ahrefs, OpensiteExplorer or Majestic.

Just a keep in mind: all these software tools will ask you for money. if you would like to access the complete information they have gathered about your website. However they provide a much more upgraded data and information.

A free option is the Webmaster Tools offered by Google itself. The only problem I noticed is they don’t generate upgraded information regularly. You have to wait for a couple or week or months. And when you examine those websites, they might not really have the links to your website any longer.

And when you see that you got links from poor and low quality websites or any adult sites then you can make use of the disavow tool from Google as well.

It is actually like informing Google to ignore those links to your website because you don’t have anything to do with those poor links.

14. You Are Linking To Bad Websites

This one is similar to the earlier one above. If you are the one who link to the harmful and poor website that indicates you are connected with them.

The good thing is, cleaning this issue is much simpler rather than get ban from google AdSense program. Just eliminate those poor links from your website and keep your site safe.

15. Website server Downtime

This one is often an issue only with low-priced web hosting services. If your website is placed on a cheap shared web hosting then you might be at risk. It is an extremely huge issue unless your web host really sucks and their servers stop working regularly.

Website server goes down very rarely even with shared web hosting services. Some time it occurs because of heavy load or traffic. And when it does, all the web sites in that website server goes down and take too much time to load.

If your website is in a server and if it goes down for any reason, and a reviewer from AdSense verify your website at the same time, if they won’t be able to see your website then your application of google AdSense will definitely get rejected.

16. Unnecessary Website Behaviour

If you use some kind of scripts on your website that automatically start popups or install items to your users’ browsers when they visit, your Google AdSense application will definitely rejected And this is 100% acceptable. This type of patterns is irritating and it’s not just a Google that dislikes but everybody hates that.

So if you wish to show AdSense advertisements, keep your website clean and eliminate those irritating patterns.

17. Your Site is hard to Navigate

Finding useful data on your website shouldn’t be real difficult. If a viewer wants to visit the home page on your website, he must be able to quickly do so by clicking a noticeable button or link… rather than wasting more time to looking for it.

Menus are regular elements of every site. They are used to give simple navigation for the visitors. You need to have a minimum of one on your website.

Using CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla or blog websites like Blogger to develop your website can make your work simpler and easier. Particularly with regards to website navigation experience for your visitors.

Menus on these types of platforms do exist and very easily generated. They can also be automatically developed as you add webpages to your website.

18. You’re Pushing People to Click on Advertisements

Having graphics on your website that push or directly to tell your friends or visitors to click on the ads is not a good thing. Visitors will click itself if they really like or interested in your site ads. If you are pushing them to click on ads then it is going to bring about bad conversion rate for the promoters. It’s like cheating the promoters. If you wish to enter in google AdSense program community, then be honest. If you break the rules once if your google AdSense account is approved then also you might get banned.

19. Your Content is mainly in an Unsupported Language

Google AdSense program only supports 36 languages. If you want to approve your google AdSense account then your website content should be in supportive language. Below are 36 languages that you must see.



Chinese (simplified)

Chinese (traditional)

































If you want to accept your google AdSense account then your publish articles are mainly in these above languages.

20. You Have Earlier Been Banned From AdSense

This one is a sad moment for blog owner, if your google account approved into the program and was banned some months for breaking any rules or violating, you are apparently banned for lifetime.

But a method to get start again AdSense is to reapply using a completely various number of requirements — various IP address, completely different site, different mail, other name, everything should be Fresh and New.

And if you use a name of your company to re-apply with some other name, please note your organization is genuine and it must have their own banking account. Because earning payments of your income would be awarded as to your organization.

If still google AdSense teams are not approving your account then don’t get nervous. If you followed this lengthy Google AdSense approval tips and tricks it will approve fast.

Please note that a few web publishers also required many attempts before lastly getting approved.

And if you don’t want to wait or try anymore for google AdSense, then there are many various AdSense company networks such as Media.netChitikaInfoLinks, etc. it is easier and simpler as compared to google AdSense.

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