13 Tips to Fix Google Play Store Not Working Error

The Google Play Store is regarded as those applications we take it, mainly because it merely acts just like a mediator between the end user together with his valuable applications. Hell freezes along with the sky collapses as soon as Google Play Store has stopped, however. How are you going to download and install that new app you have been so eagerly awaiting?

How to Fix Google Play Store no connection issue?

13 Tips to Fix Google play Store not working Error

13 Tips to Fix Google play Store not working Error

There’s absolutely no specific guide for fixing the Google Play Store , however we certainly have come up with a couple of tricks and tips for google play store not working which will probably get your valuable app store working once again . Let’s start before going insane without Play Store accessibility!

How to Fix Google play store not downloading issues?

If your google play shows no connection retry error, then this solution will help you.

First solution is Force Close your Google Play Store

Sometimes your google play store will be working perfectly just by Force Close. This can be done by simply just Swiping Google Play Store in Multi-Tasking App Switcher. Or even you go to

Settings – Apps – ALL

Then Select Google Play Store App and Hit “Force Stop”.

Next Solution is Switch to Airplane mode

If Google play store won’t open and not working in your phone.

Follow these steps to fix the google play store not working issue.

I am not sure about this Trick. But many people believe in this Trick. All you need to do is switch your phone into Airplane Mode and Again Back to Normal Mode. Your Google play store will be refreshed automatically by doing this. This is Very easy and uncomplicated trick.

Turn on/off Wi-Fi in your Phone

This Trick is much similar like Airplane mode. Many people believe that Wi-Fi could be the issue for Google Play Store not working.  You just need to turn off / on Wi-Fi in your phone. This way you can able to access Google play store once again.

Restart the Phone

This could be the best solution of almost all your small issues. Sometimes your device requires a simple reboot to refresh the whole system. By restarting your phone your whole system will be refreshed entirely and all your apps will be refreshed and relaunched.

Clear Data of Google play Store.

If your Google Play Store is not working properly. Then clearing your cache data will be the best solution for this. To clear the cache memory of your apps,

Go to Settings – Apps – Select Google Play Store
Select Storage – Clear Data

This will clear all your data for example your search history, Email id and password. If you want to access Google play store next time. You need to insert your email id and password again.

Clear Cache of Google Play Store

In case your Google Play Store is still not working after clearing Cache. You Should Clear Cache of Google Play Store App. To Clear Data of Google Play Store,

Go to Settings – Apps – Select Google Play Store
Select Storage – Clear Cache

This will clear all the cache memory of google play store.

Check your Disabled Apps

Some Apps Requires other Apps in order to work properly. If you may have disabled any apps this might be the cause of google play store stop working. Make sure to check all your apps and if you have disabled any app make sure to enable them again. You can do this just by

Go to Settings – Apps – Disabled

Once you select disabled option. All your disabled apps will be shown.

You need to select all your disabled apps and enable them again.

In this way your google play store app will be working fine.

Change Date/Time Settings

This looks like a silly suggestion, however it is very much helpful. If your Date/Time Settings are not accurate then Google Servers will be having trouble to Sync your Data. This will also be the cause of Google Play Store stops working.

Try to change your Date / Time Settings Automatic to Manual.

Because Automatic Date/ Time Settings will be more effective.

Remove Proxy and VPN Settings

Many of VPN/Proxy users usually face the same problem. If you are one of them you need to try deactivating proxy settings.

Go to Wi-Fi Settings – Advanced

You can find VPN Settings under more in Wireless and network connection.

Reinstall Google Play Store

If above all techniques fail to work, you should try uninstalling google play store and reinstalling it again. You need to uninstall the updates of google play store and shift google play store to an older version. Don’t worry it is a safe procedure and you can update google play store again to the latest version.

Go to Settings – Apps – Google Play Store
Tap Google Play Store – Tap More- Uninstall updates.

Your Google Play Store will stop installing new updates and it will be shifted to older version. This might be helpful for you.

Could possibly the concern be Google Play Services?

We can easily believe Google’s applications are the engine that drives Android gadgets. Indeed, we are now discussing things about that unusual app that requires upgrading regularly, while you are looking to get other app. Many people are unaware the things; however it is actually your phone’s spine.

Google’s apps provide one of the most interesting benefits available, and also it’s all operated by Google Play Services. Just like some other app, Google Play Services can certainly crash sometimes; therefore it’s actually worth experimenting along with it in case you are bearing any kind of Google-related difficulties.

Try to Clear both Cache and Data of Google Play Services.

To Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Services,
Go to Settings – Apps – Select Google Play Services
Select Storage – Clear Data and Clear Cache

Re-Enter your Gmail Account

Some people suggest that if your google play store stops working the solution for this is to Re-Enter your Gmail Account. Now the Question is How to remove and Re-Enter Gmail Account?

Go to Settings – Accounts- Select Google Account
After Selecting Google Account – Select more
After selecting more – select Remove Account.

Your Google Account will be removed. You need to add your account again to access google play store.

Factory Data Reset

The last and final solution is to reset all your Data by using Factory Data Reset. Once you have done Factory Data Reset it will reset all your settings and delete everything. It’s very simple and easy to do a factory data reset in android phone.

How to do a factory data reset?

Just go to Settings – Backup & Reset – Factory Data Reset.

This is the simple and easy method for factory data reset.

Final words

Have any one of you people ran across Google Play Store issues? Exactly what did you do to resolve it? Hit the comments and also let us know for those who have made use of these types of techniques, or even if you may have various other ones.

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