10 Awesome Hidden Android Shortcuts You Must Know

The attractiveness of modern technology isn’t simply just executing a lot more stuff–it’s executing things instantly. Either you wish to make a call a particular contact with just one tap, always keep your mobile phone unlocked whenever you’re at your home or even office.

start the camera in a flash to instantly capturing the perfect occasion, or even search an app under a hurry, listed here are some of the most effective 10 awesome hidden android short-cuts that you must know.

10 Awesome Hidden Android Shortcuts that you must know

Trick 1# Start the camera simply by Double Tap on the Power Button

We certainly have all gone in a scenario in which the awesome picture arrives , however when you get your mobile phone from your jeans pocket , wake it up , unlock it , and then start the camera , that occasion is passed. It’s a bad dream, and also all you get is an awful photo which was captured far too late and also simply just reminds you of the time you late.

The great news is it doesn’t need to be in this way. In case you’re having a latest Android mobile phone with Marshmallow ( Android 6 .0 ) , then you can certainly start the camera quickly by tapping the power button two times when the mobile phone is in a sleep mode.

If you want to start the camera quickly

Double Tap of the Power Button

If you are using Samsung Galaxy Phones

Double Tap of Home Button

This shortcut might be different in different mobile phones. If you are using Motorola Phones

Twist the Phone Twice to Start the Camera

This will only take the half second to start your camera in your android phone to capture your beautiful memories.

Trick 2# Instantly Search for any App

In case you have plenty of applications installed in your phone, it will be easy for you to search for any specific app you are looking for rather than search entire apps list. Luckily, Google introduced an option into the Google Now Launcher which is the stock launcher on Nexus gadgets, but additionally available for other devices. You can download and install from Google Play for everyone to instantly have access to the app drawer’s search tool.

If you want to start App Drawer’s Search Tool

Home Screen – Long Press the App Drawer icon

Once you do this, Search app bar will be appear along with the keyboard.

On that search app bar you can easily search any app which you have installed in your phone.

Answer your Callers without Picking Calls by using Quick Responses.

This option has in fact was publicly known from the time when Ice-cream Sandwich Released ( Android 4 .0 ) , however I am unsure lots of people believe on it even now is present or even new consumers are familiar with it much . Generally, it provides a fast method of letting a person know why you can’t reply the cell phone by forwarding them a fast text—all you need to do is swipe up on the incoming call display screen and then select exactly what text you wish to forward.

There are some preset choices, such as “Can’t talk right now. What’s up?” as well as “I’ll call you right back,” however the most interesting part is you can possibly personalize all these on the majority of Android mobile phones.

Go to Dialer – Tap Three Buttons

Go to Settings – Quick Responses

If you are using Android 5.0+ Versions

Steps are the same but the Dialer Settings are different

Go to Dialer – Tap Three Buttons

Go to Settings – General – Quick Responses

Every different company might have these types of secret features in various spots—some of them seem sensible, while others which do not.

For Example in Samsung new phones you can find Quick Responses in

More – Settings – Call Blocking – Call – Reject Messages.

Remember that it might or might not be generally known as “Quick responses,” however the choice will most likely be discovered in in the dialer app .

Trick 3# Unlock your phone easily and yet keep it secure with smart lock

This might be a lot more noticeable compared to a couple of the rest, however if you’re not utilizing it, subsequently you’re making yourself an injustice. In other words, Smart Lock enables you keeps your gadget unlocked whenever the exact situations are satisfied. For instance, whenever you’re at your home, it actually can make use of location services to ensure you certainly not need to type your PIN, pattern, or even password to unlock the mobile phone. Or even whenever you’re connected with a particular Bluetooth device like an automobile stereo audio system or even smartwatch it will remain unlocked.

That’s beneficial, mainly because in case the user-specified requirements aren’t satisfied, the configured lock screen protection technique will certainly control. In my scenario, for instance, my mobile phone remains unlocked since it’s connected with my smartwatch. Like that, as far as it’s close by , I don’t need to bother about the trouble of utilizing the security and safety technique . However if I put it someplace or even it is stolen, it’ll be locked up restricted therefore prying sight can’t gain access to my personal details. It’s a win-win, actually.

How to Enable Smart Lock in Android Phone

Go to Settings – Security – Set Secure screen lock

Enable Smart Lock in the Security menu

you can find choices below , such as “Trusted Devices ,” that is in which you’ll set Bluetooth devices to always keep the phone unlocked , “Trusted places ,” that allow you to identify your house or even work places , “Trusted Face ,” that allow you to make use of the phone’s front camera as well as your own head to unlock , “Trusted voice ,” that allow you to make use of your voice to unlock , as well as “On-body detection ,” in which the gadget will remain unlocked at the time of it’s on you . The very first 2 choices make the most sense to me; however you ought to allow whatever option(s) use to the max sense for your needs.

Trick 4# Make a call or Send Text with just one Tap by Contact Widget

All of us have those people that we get in touch with more regularly as compared to other people, and also there’s absolutely no simpler technique to always keep those speedy phone calls or even text messages to one tap rather than with the Contact Direct widgets. These are basically 1×1 icons on home display screen that instantly phone call or even text a particular contact with just one tap .

To get these type of Contact Widget on your home display screen

Long Press on the Home Screen – Tap to Widgets.

Scroll Down and find Contacts Widget

Under contact widget – select 1×1 Direct Dial for making direct call

You can even select 1×1 Direct Message for sending direct text.

Long Press and Drop that widget to your home screen.

That’s it. Now you can easily able to make a call or send a text with just one tap by using this widget.

Trick 5# Use your voice to make things easier

This may be the most effective, but a majority of ignored, function in this list. Everybody knows with regards to Google Voice Actions, however are you seriously utilizing them more than you could be? Most likely not. There’s an crazy level of stuff Google Right now is capable of doing , and also all you have to do is speak “OK Google” . It might look and feel strange speaking with your mobile phone initially , however when you understand exactly how blazingly quick it really is for specific tasks , you certainly will never turn back .

Before you start using this service, you have to “OK Google Detection”

To Enable this Go to Google now App – Settings – Select Voice – OK Google Detection.

It is possible to Toggle from Any Screen Settings from Here.

Also it will certainly direct you to establish a tone of voice style in case you haven’t currently. You can now see Google Now from every display screen.

However that’s simply just where this begins. As soon as Google Now is listening to exactly what you’re asking, it is possible to ask it a vast selection of queries, for example (although not restricted to):

  • When will X company close down?
  • Exactly how tall in height is particular person?
  • The numbers of quarts are actually in a gallon?
  • What exactly is 5 % of 99?
  • What are the weather conditions going to be like this couple of days?
  • When is holiday?
  • At what time is the upcoming sports team match?
  • Exactly what song is that? (With songs playing in the background)
  • What time will it be in some other location?

Many more. However once again, that’s not over. You can even set reminders, forward text messages, or even make appointments:

  • SMS to colleague “how about lunch today?”
  • Help remind me to undertake thing today at 11 AM.
  • Set a auto timer for X time.
  • Find the way to place of curiosity.
  • Make a call particular person or even company.
  • Listen to Artist on Google Play Music.
  • Make a calendar event: label, day, as well as time.

Seriously—the much more you make use of it, the even more you’ll understand how to do with this. After that you can set a reminder to boost yourself for not accomplishing this quicker.

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