How to Use Always Private Browsing Mode by Default

How to Use Always Private Browsing Mode by Default

Lots of people are using private surfing method while browsing through. The private surfing method term can vary for every web browser, but the function is same. Of course we all know, that the secret browsing function is not started by automatically therefore you require to open up it when you require. If you are looking to always start the web browser with the private browsing method, then you can certainly get it done in various ways.

How to Use Always Private Browsing Mode by Default, How to Start Always Incognito Browsing Mode in Google Chrome

In this article, we are going to learn the various methods to begin the browsers Firefox, chrome and opera to start secret browsing mode always. Let’s start with an easy intro regarding hidden surfing method.

What is Private Browsing Method?

The private surfing method is a setting which doesn’t store the following:

  • Searches
  • History
  • Downloads
  • Temporary files
  • Cookies

Keep in mind:

  • Remember that download history will not store in private surfing. But, downloads and bookmarks you’ve created will be stored.
  • The secret surfing method doesn’t give a whole private surfing. The internet service provider of you company’s staff can easily track the webpage your visit.

Shortcuts to open Private Mode In your Web Browser.

To instantly start private browsing method in widely used browsers, use the following shortcuts.

  • Chrome [incognito] – Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Firefox [Private Mode] – Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Opera – Ctrl + Shift + N

Methods to Always Start Web browser in Private Surfing Method by Default.

How to Start Always Incognito Browsing Mode in Google Chrome:

  • Let’s take a look the tips to all the time open chrome in incognito method
  • Click on the right click of Google Chrome Shortcut Icon.
  • Select properties.
  • In the target field, add the “-incognito” [without quotes] at the end.
  • Click on OK.
  • See the image for an easy understand.

It is done. Now Your Google chrome Browser Start automatically every time when you click on Chrome icon.


If you don’t want to perform any modifications with the current Google chrome icon then, it is also possible to create another one Google chrome incognito icon separately.

  • Open the Right click in the Desktop Area –> New –> Shortcut.
  • Include the –incognito at the end of the shortcut location.
  • Give name it as “Incognito mode – Chrome” that may be very easy to memorize it.

How to Always Start Web browser in Private Surfing Method in Firefox

If your favorite browser is Firefox and you are a regular user of Firefox, even you can start the private browsing method by following any one of the methods.

Method 1

  • Type about:config in the Firefox URL address bar.
  • Search for the following


  • So now, double click on it so the value can be replaced to true.
  • Simply Close the Firefox (Restart it) so the browser will start in private surfing method.

Method 2

  • Right click on the Firefox shortcut.
  • Click on the “properties”.
  • In the target field, add the “-private” [without quotes] at the end.
  • Click OK, it will be done.


It always Start your Firefox Browser in private mode when you click on the shortcut. You need to create more than one shortcuts.

Method 3:

This is one of the easy method to open always Firefox in private mode. The Firefox have already the built-in option to do this method. Let’s follow the below given steps to check it out.

  • Start Firefox.
  • Navigate to menu > options > privacy
  • Open the drop-down list besides the Firefox will: option.
  • Select the custom settings for history.
  • Now, Tick the option “always use private browsing mode” option.

You need to restart your Firefox Browser after choosing this option. After a restart, your Firefox will always start in private browsing mode.

How to Always Start Opera Web browser in Private Surfing Method

Let’s Follow the below given steps to use a shortcut method to open opera browser in private method.

  • Right click on the shortcut of opera min Icon Browser.
  • Click on the properties option.
  • Now, in the target field, add”-private” [without quotes].
  • Click on OK.

This article is Completed Here, but if you want to Removing private browsing mode from browsers shortcuts

Then Follow,

  • Delete the shortcut icon from the Desktop.
  • Create a new shortcut for the browser.
  • Open shortcut properties and remove the extra command you added at the end.

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