A Complete Guide to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

A Complete Guide to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

Are you looking to remove shortcut virus? I got lots of issues regarding this removing shortcut virus. Exactly how it impacts on every single important computer file that we appreciate the most.

In case your laptop or computer, flash drive as well as other mobile or portable devices are affected, all of its data files might be hidden as well as not available until sometime that it gets to be corrupted as well as useless. Very bad, isn’t it?

How to remove shortcut virus from USB and flash drive

Due to that, I made this amazing guide regarding how to remove shortcut virus from pen drive or flash drive as well as other essential things that you have to learn about this malware. To let you alert so that you can secure your gadgets against it. Thus let’s begin with its different types.

Types of Shortcut Viruses

There are generally Two Type of Shortcut viruses.

  • Flash Drive Shortcut virus.
  • File and Folder Shortcut virus.

How to remove shortcut virus from pc permanently

What is Flash Drive Shortcut virus?

This really is completely Trojan; it combines every single file and folder in your portable gadgets and then keeps them into one hidden location. After that, it generates a Flash Disk shortcut .exe. Just like the file along with folder shortcut virus, it will certainly provide you with absolutely no alternatives however to click on it to find your data.

As soon as implemented, it sets up harmful programs that spy your trusty computing schedule as well as most likely grab your economical information if it is not found.

What is File and Folder Shortcut Virus?

This will certainly start copy your folders as well as folders, hide from view as well as swap it with shortcuts .exe. This really is a mixture of Trojan as well as Worm. The poor factor regarding this, it will not give any alternatives however to click on it so as to open up your data files and also folders.

Subsequently after this, the virus will start to copy by itself and also install harmful software program that detects your working out routine and then most awful thing about this is it grabs your essential information together with credit cards data.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus in Windows 7 and Windows 8

First Treatment of Deleting Shortcut Virus

However, not every antivirus can easily identify this kind of malware. As a result, the smartest thing you are able to do, is to always make habit do not open your transportable gadgets or even hard disk drive by using autorun or even from “my computer”. Here’s the comprehensive Guide to Remove Shortcut virus from pendrive or flashdrive.

  • Don’t open your Flashdrive or Pendrive by using Autorun or from My Computer.
  • Make sure to open your Flashdrive or Pendrive or even Hard disk by Right Click on it and then click on Explore. You can even Type the Drive Letter in windows address bar. This will prevent you to run any kind of Script.
  • The above tips are created to keep shortcut virus from infecting your pc. It can also allow you to differentiate the actual file folder from the virus-made data. As what exactly I have stated before, even widely known antivirus did not succeed to find shortcut virus.

However, I am going to share 3 ways to delete Shortcut virus from pendrive. Please follow these simple steps

Method 1 – Remove Shortcut virus using Virus Remover Tools

If you want to remove shortcut virus from pendrive by using virus remover tools, you just have to download Two Tools.

  • Trojorm Removal Tool
  • Shortcut virus fixfolder

Download these Tools from here

Step by Step Guide to Clean Shortcut virus using Shortcut Virus Remover

Once download completed,

Extract it using WinRAR or WinZip.

Run Trojom Remover Tool

It should be run inside your pendrive or flashdrive.

It will scan your flashdrive.

Once scanning completed click on Enter.

Copy Shortcut virus Fix folder and paste it in your Flashdrive or Pendrive.

Right Click on it and Choose Open with

Select “Notepad”.

Search for H:

Change it determined by your Flash Drive’s Letter

(E.g. E: F: G: H: and So on)

Once this editing is done you need to save it.

Double Click on vbs file or you can open it by choosing “Windows Based Script Host”.

Once you run this script. Your short cut virus will be deleted. And you will be able to see your hidden files.

Method 2- Remove Shortcut virus using Command Prompt (CMD)

If the first method doesn’t work you can try this alternative method to remove shortcut virus from pc. You can easily delete shortcut virus via CMD or Command Prompt.

Step by Step Guide to Remove Shortcut Virus by CMD

Go to Start menu Click on Run

Type cmd in Run box

Type the name of your Flash Drive and Enter

For Example (G: H: E: F 🙂 whatever it may be.

Type this “attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r -s”

Once you type this command your shortcut virus will be removed and you will be able to see your files.

Note: – after attrib f: is my drive name if your drive name is E: then you need to replace this e:

 How to remove shortcut virus in external hard disk

USBFix is a USB utility software program made mainly on Flash drive or even portable gadgets disinfection but additionally capable of cleaning your pc partitions. An installation is needed to vaccinate your computer or even SD card, flash drive as well as external hard drives.

The positive thing with regards to USB Fix is it is up to date, they launched the 2016 version so far. To remove shortcut virus simply just click the “vaccinate” and the rest is automated.

Download USBFix from Here

Shortcut Virus Remover v3.1

This is one of the most well-known and widely used shortcut virus remover software programs on the internet. The great thing is you don’t need to install this software.

Step by Step Guide to remove shortcut virus using software

Open Shortcut Virus Remover by Double click on it

A Pop up will be shown it will give you two options Pendrive and Computer.

If you want to delete shortcut virus from pendrive you need to select the option “Pendrive”.

Select the Drive Letter and Scan.

If you want to remove shortcut virus from Computer you need to select the option “Computer” and Scan.

Download Shortcut Virus Remover v3.1 from here.

Final words: – hopefully these tricks will work for you. If you have any other easy trick to remove shortcut virus please let us know via comments.

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