5 Awesome ways to Monetize a Blog to Earn upto $1000

5 Awesome Ways to Monetize a Blog to Earn up to $1000 Per Month

When we start Blogging at that time we don’t know Exactly How to Monetize a Blog and How to make Money from a Blogging? How you can make yourself as a Successful BloggerWhat Blog Writing Tips and Tricks you should have as a Beginner? Slowly Slowly when you come to know about how to monetize a blog and make more money, then you only focus on 2 -3 ways. And we you don’t focus on other Mediums to make money online.

5 Awesome Ways to Monetize a Blog to Earn up to $1000 Per Month

what is the easiest way to monetize a blog? Have you ever asked yourself if these medium would close for some reasons, Or if popularity of this medium would get decrease, at that time what would you do? It will be the best idea and the best decision if we have multiple income streams. This will provide you a financial security and also will be clarified in case you get less income from any stream then you can depend on any other income stream immediately.

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Best Blog Ways of Monetization Tips and Methods

One of the most popular reason by which many people don’t get success in a blogging is they don’t try some other income source.  Many times you get direct emails from a private business or a company for CPM Based Advertisements or even some other Advertisements. Do you regularly check you’re Emails?

I suggest you to check your Emails Regularly. If there is a Mass Email in your inbox, you should ignore those types of mails. But if the mail is related to any Advertisement Proposal, make sure to reply them as soon as possible.

Today I will share with you some of those ways of How to Monetise a Blog to make money online. By which you can make lots of money very easily.

5 Best Tips on How to Monetize a Wordpres Blog and Make Money

Method 1 – Monetize a Blog with Google AdSense

Why I am talking about AdSense initially because it is one of the best Advertiser along with it is one of the best ways to make money from Blog.

Now I am Letting you know that how to use Google AdSense?

First of all you need to apply for Google AdSense. Here are the Best 20 Tips on How to Get Approved Google AdSense Quickly in Just 48 hours.

Once you get approved by Google AdSense. Next step is to place AdSense Ads on your Blog. Now whenever a visitor clicks on that Ad you will get some sort of money.

You get this money based on your niche. Niche means the topic on which you are writing a blog. You can earn 1$ to 100$ per day. One more interesting thing that I would like to tell you Google doesn’t allow you to Display your earnings online anywhere.

If you are running a blog on free Blogger and you are running an AdSense on it. Your overall business will be managed by Google. Once Google decides that it doesn’t like you then your business will be destroyed within a minute.

Method 2 – Monetize a Blog via Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but Advertise and Sell others Products on your website. If you are able to sell the products of others then you will get commission in return.Usually this commission is from 20% to 75%. For this you need to join Affiliate program of their products. After joining Affiliate Program you will get a unique Affiliate Link. This affiliate link you have to advertise and promote on your blog.

There are multiple ways of affiliate marketing by which you can earn money from your blog.

  • You can add Text or Photo on the sidebar of your blog. So that people should click on them.
  • You can even add affiliate link within a post. Indirectly you are promoting that product by giving your recommendation.  By doing this you can get so many clicks in a very short period of time.

Make sure don’t do Spam in posts mainly because your readers won’t like this and you may lose your readers as well.

Method 3 – Monetize a Blog by Email List Building

You can get targeted traffic by email list building. If you have a sign up box in your Blog to build your mailing list, you may have done lots of organic sign ups by doing this.The main benefit of this kind of mailing list is you get to know the interest of the people to whom you are sending emails. You also get to know in which topic people are most interested. You can get wonderful conversations on your sale efforts by doing this.

For example, you may have seen that usually bloggers provides an EBook for free whenever you sign up on their blog. The main benefit of providing an EBook to the readers is you get an email address of those readers and you can also provide Affiliate Links in your EBook. So that there are lots of chances to get conversions. Indirectly you can get chances to earn more and more money.

Method 4 – Monetize a Blog using Blog Sponsors

Suppose if your blog is not getting huge amount of traffic, you can check this post once you feel that your blog is performing very well and you are getting huge amount of traffic.

So you can think to offer an advertising space on your blog to the private advertisers. In this way you can get a stable way of your income and also you will have more control on this.

Once your blog have enough traffic people will surely come to you for advertising and that time you won’t have to promote so much.

Method 5 – Writing Reviews or say Writing Paid Reviews

This method is generally for those Blogs who already have huge traffic.  In this method you need to write reviews on products and earn money from blog.

There are some ethical issues like some people start promoting these products even if they are not sure about those products or even they have never used those products. This is nothing but to cheat your readers.

If you choose only genuine products to promote, this will be the best way to make money from your blog.

Note: – your income is directly proportional to your Targeted Traffic.

Apart from this, there are lots of ways to monetize your blog. But in my point of view these are the best ways that every blogger would choose. If you have even more beneficial way, please let us know via comments.

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