Good Night SMS Wishes in Hindi & English

Good Night SMS & Wishes in English and Hindi: Plenty research studies have verified that Good Night Wishes, SMS and Messages are sent at the night time. If you have the right night then it is recommend to send Cute Good Night SMS to Your Friends or Love. It is important for your relationship to choose and Send some of the best good night Wishes Messages or SMS to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend. With an excellent night relaxation we have been almost all more feel so much happy and quickly get up. Saying Good Night Sweet Dreams is Much More trendy to get the relaxation sleep. That’s the reason people are prefer to send Sweet Good Night SMS in Hindi or English on their cellphone.  If two people are in love then they can send romantic or love Good Night Message to their girlfriend, boyfriend, Husband, Wife.

Good Night Wishes Messages in Hindi and English

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Good Night SMS in Hindi Font

रात की सुहानि ख़ुशबू से अपने ख़्वाबों को सज़ा दो,
और तारों की प्यारी सजावट से अपने दिलो-दिमाग़ को तरवा ताज़ा कर दो.
शुभ रात्रि

Good Night Wishes in English for Love

I’ll see you when I fall a sleep,
So You too Sweet Dreams and
Good Night

GoodNight Wishes in Hindi Fonts

मधुर सपने आपके मन को प्रसन्न रखे
ताकि मीठी -मीठी प्यारी निंदिया आये.
शुभ रात्री

Best Collection of Sweet Good Night Wishes SMS in Hindi and English.

May you fall a sleep
Catch sweet zzz’s in the arms of
Beautiful Wonderful,
Gorgeous Fabulous Dreams,
So that you’ve Smile,
when you Awake.
Good Night

Good Night Wishes in Hindi Font for Friends

रातों में करवटें बदलना,
यूँही थोड़ा थोड़ा मुस्कुराना,
एक अच्छे सपनों का संकेत होता हैं.
तो दोस्तों 

Read the Collection of Good Night Wishes and SMS

It might be pretty cool as we need a good night Wishes Messages before Sleep. But sometimes it might difficult to choose wheather you choose Good Night SMS in Hindi or Good Night Wishes in English, But Don’t worry, Here you can Get bunch of Good Night Wishes to your Bf and Gf. If you are single you might choose good night wishes for your Best Friends or Brother, Sister. We hope you like our Best and Cute Good night Wishes Msgs for Whatsapp or Facebook. But there may be people who just don’t realize the importance of getting a good night SMS or Wishes You can get many Romantic Good Night SMS in Hindi and English at

Cute Good Night Messages in Hindi or English for His or Her.

Another day is over,
Now it’s time to head to bed,
and Love the sleep because,
it’s basically a time machine,
to early morning breakfast.
Good Night

Good Night Wishes for Love in English

May the lord bless you,
with peaceful sleep,
and wake to a beautiful new day.
Good Night

Good Night SMS for Friends in English

A Very Very Gud-Night to,
All My Well Wishers and,
My Online Friends,
Enjoy the Sweet Dreams.

GoodNight Message for Friends in Hindi Fonts

रात भर का है मेहमान अंधेरा,
किसके रोके रुका है सवेरा.
शुभ रात्री

Cute Goodnight SMS for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

रात की दिलागी चाँद की आशिक़ी.
तारो की मधोशि बुला रही हैं आज,
आपको ख़्वाबों में.
शुभ रात्रि

Good Night Wishes for Friends in English

The stars are shining.
The wind is blowing.
The moon is sweetly whispering that,
it’s time for a sleep.
Good night

Best Good Night SMS for Friends in English

There is a time for many words,
and there is also a time for sleep.

Night is Cool and Moon is Smiling,
Stars are in Romantic Zone,
So Dear make ur Mind in Relaxful.
Good Night

Night is Shinning to Glow,
the Lamp of Prosperity and,
to give Pleasure of
Comfort and Sweet Dreams.

Internet is over for today,
Sleep well.

After a busy day,
it’s time to give yourself a,
Good, Happy, Decent,
Light and Relaxed Night,
And tonight, I\’ll fall asleep,
with you in my heart.

मस्त मस्त सुहानि रात,
अनोखे जगमगाते तारे,
प्यार भरे चाँद के इशारे,
दे रहे हैं ख़्वाबों के नज़ारे.
शुभ रात्रि

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An excellent as well as effective bunch of Good Night Text messages in English or Hindi to be as more attention and attractiveness as possible and yet Visitors are always looking to send Hindi Good Night SMS for Whatsapp or Facebook. These types of Romantic Good Night Text messages are actually in several languages. Before you decide to sleep send these goodnight SMS or Good Night messages to your friends, or someone whom you love.

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