1000+ Very Funniest April Fool Day Jokes, Ideas and Pranks

Funniest April Fool Jokes, Ideas and Pranks

April Fool Day Jokes, Ideas and Pranks:  April Fool Day is one of the extremely enjoyable day of the year. In this particular date Folks search funny April fool day jokes, ideas and pranks their friends. So we certainly have included very funny and best selection of happy April fool day Jokes and Funny Prank Ideas on April Fool Day with some latest jokes for friends and lover. Happy April Fool Day is the funniest solution to make a fun of your friends, cousin, girlfriend or boyfriend. April fool Jokes, Text, Ideas and Pranks are utilized 24 hours in this special day which are very entertaining to enjoy with your friends to make yourself laugh. Happy April fool Day Jokes in English, Happy April Fool Text, Pranks and Ideas are what gathering absolutely is regarding. The greatest point to know about is the fact you need to generate the best selection of healthy and amusing April fool Ideas Jokes, Text and pranks of your buddies, work mate, and lover.

Happy April Fool Day Jokes, Prank Ideas for Friends

Happy April Fool Day Jokes, Prank, Ideas, Text

Funny April Fool Jokes Prank

Fact 1: You cannot touch
your lower lip with your tongue…
Fact 2: After reading this,
99/100 idiots would try it.

Funny April Fool Jokes for Kids

A fool got into a bus on 1st April. When conductor asked for ticket, he gave Rs.10/- and took the ticket.
After taking the ticket, he screamed, “April Fool! I have a pass.”

Funny April Fool Day Jokes on Friends

If you’re not fool then press F13

April Fool Jokes on Girlfriend in English

If people say you are crazy, be patient;
If they say you are a moron, relax;
If they say you are stupid, be cool;
But if they say you are smart, then slap these stupid people.
Happy All Fools’ Day!

April Fool Day Jokes on Friends

Someone Missing you badly,
Needs you very much,
Worries about you,
Lonely without you,
Guess who?

Funny April Fool Day Ideas Jokes

Don’t hurt your shy friends by fooling them. You may lose them.
When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.

April Fool Day Prank Jokes for Boyfriend

Feeling bored?
Wondering, what to do?
Open the zip!
Enter your hands in between your zip…
Take out your…
Book from your bag and study…

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Funny April Fool Ideas and Prank for Friends

Funniest April Fool Prank Ideas for Friends and Kids

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