7 Best Features of BHIM App You Must Know

7 Best Features of BHIM App You Must Know

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Listed Below are 7 Easy and Best Features of BHIM App

Send / Receive Cash:

Send cash to or even get money from friends, family members as well as clients via a mobile number or even payment address. Cash could also be delivered to non UPI supported banks by using IFSC as well as MMID. You can even get money by delivering a request as well as reverse payments if needed.

Sending Cash in an Easy Way:

It is possible to send cash using BHIM app by 2 ways. 1st way is the Mobile Number or even the payment address of the receiver. Ensure that receiver is have joined UPI.

2nd way is simply by entering the receiver name, Bank Account number as well as bank IFSC code.

Check Balance:

You can easily check your bank balance together with transactions information Very Easily.

Ask for Money:

It is possible to get cash from anybody by using 2 ways. 1st is simply by typing the mobile number or even payment address. 2nd way is simply by generating a QR code for a specific amount of money.

Scan and Pay:

BHIM app enables end users to generate a QR code that can be scanned by other people to make payments.

Customized Payment Address:

You possibly can create a customized payment address along with your Mobile Number.

QR Code:

You can actually scan a QR code to get much faster access of payment addresses. Merchants can simply print their QR Code for showcase.


BHIM app facilitates English as well as Hindi languages only. They might be including even more languages in upcoming days.

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