Increase Facebook Page Real likes - 20 Tips to Follow Now

20 Tips to increase Facebook Page Real likes

facebook page likes, increase facebook page likes real20 Tips to increase Facebook Page Real likes without spending money: Most of Facebook users has fan page and they desired to increase real Facebook page likes without spending money on their page so that improves their business and popularity. With a Facebook fan page, it is simple to communicate and talk to your clients and as well as customers. A Facebook page has numerous advantages as it allows you to share your ideas, photos, status and videos. Obviously, the perfect Facebook page could have plenty of fans or simply “likes”. If you think that how to get real Facebook page likes without spending money then you must follow below methods:

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How to increase Facebook pages likes tricks

1. A proven successfully Tricks to get Facebook page real likes is to provide rewards to people. You could for example if you have any business then you must offer discount coupon codes.

2. if you have an entertainment or funny page and you wish to get more Facebook page likes then you must update unique video clips, funny stuff etc. and post it on Facebook groups

Follow the steps how to submit your page in group

— Go to Facebook Search Box and Type Your page topic or anything that is related to your Topic

–Type your Related topics name for example My topic is “Entertainment”

You will see many groups that are related to your business or page topics.

facebook page likes, increase facebook page likes real


List of page, id and group you will see, but you should click on Search Box “click on Search Magnifier

How to increase Facebook pages likes tricks, 20 Tips to increase Facebook Page Real likes without spending money

— Click on More’ And then Click on Group.

facebook page likes, increase facebook page likes real

After that you will see list of group. Many groups have lots of members. Join that Group

Join all group that are related to your topics. after click on join you have to wait for admin approval. once group admin approve your post then start posting and commenting on group post about your Facebook page.

Submit your Facebook page link, Post, Jokes, in majority of group.

It is one of the helpful and impressive method to get more Facebook page likes free without spending money.

3. Set up a “Like Box” in your site. You will be wrong if you will not take benefit of this Facebook like box features in your site. The “Facebook like box “builder tool is useful in enabling your website visitors to turn into a fan without exiting your website.

facebook like box in websiteExample of Facebook Like box on website

4. Tag your post and any updates to your friends. This is a helpful function in Facebook it will help you to tag your Facebook page in your status by pressing @sign as well as the name of the any page or person you want to tag. This will catch the people and fans attention so that this tips help you to improve your Facebook page likes without paying money.

5. One more great function on your Facebook page is the “suggest to friends”. You could apply this function to invite all your group and friends to join your Facebook page and connect. But, use this invitation tricks carefully because if you repeatedly use this function to invite them then this will irritate people. The best method to inform people or group regarding your page is to post a status update telling your group to connect your Facebook page. But do not just invite them to join without providing them some juicy items regarding what the page is about and why people can connect and join to your page.

6. If you wish your Facebook page to improve likes fast, then you must connect your Facebook page with twitter. This tricks allows you to increase Facebook page likes through twitter with a hyperlink back to your Facebook post. This is an easy method to increase Facebook likes from among your twitter followers.

7. A new tricks to combine interest and build a news is to perform a contest just for fans. You could operate the contest using wild fire application. Facebook photo content improves your Facebook fans page likes quickly. You just need to tell your friends to participate any photo contest. The one who get maximum likes will be the winner.

8. Post regarding your Facebook page topics. Apart from posting status. Upgrades regularly regarding your page, you can even point out your Facebook page in your blog sites.

9. A simple tips to get Facebook page likes is to insert a link on your Facebook profile page by placing your page under work. For example: work at updatepedia.

facebook page likes, increase facebook page likes real


This will definitely create your Facebook page popularity because it is highlighted under your name on your profile.

10. Be always active on Facebook: it’s very hard to connect the user on Facebook page if you are not posting regularly post always then they might unlike your Facebook page because of not active. There is absolutely no figure but lots of preferable tips recommend at least 2 post per day. You can also take advantage of using Facebook page insight and investigate what time your viewers is active on Facebook . Click on Insights a Posts a and analyze your Facebook page fans and followers. Post at the exact time when your majority of fans and users are online so that your fans will participate and engage with your posts.

Follow above 10 Tips how to increase Facebook page real likes free without spending money.

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